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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-07-29 - 2:11 a.m.

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Listen to the music!

Another year – another summer – another 'Bardentreffen' in Nuremberg – you know the feast for whole 3 days from Friday to Sunday when a lot of internalional bands, song writers etc. play in Nurremberg on a lot of stages spread all over the old historical medieval center of town – I saw some splendid groups or musicians, singers & songwriters in the last few years, but this year I just couldn't make my mind up, when I read the program in the internet (see to which of the bands I should go – nothing seemed to be extra-ordinary enough for me delicated taste – it seemed also not so international anymore, because most bands where from Germany – only a few from France & one from Ireland, another from Cuba..

by chance an old friend of mine, - living far away from Nuremberg called me 2 days ago – he, his girl friend & a friend of them wanted to come to that Bardentreffen too & meet me there – ok – well I agreed to meet them at 17 o'clock on a central place – yes we met – they were sitting at the Irish pub down the river Pegnitz – I didn't like the idea to sit all evening in an Irish pub, while there was music in the air – a lot of maybe interesting bands playing

so I said: come on – let's go – there's a lot of interesting music around us – so we went up to the Katharinen-Kloster, an old church ruin without roof anymore as relict from the last worldwar – meanwhile a place for a lot of concerts in the summer time,

There was a French group from the South Alpes singing a capella – just about starting

because it had rained short time before – it wasn't possible to sit on the stone floor (like people usually do there – well some people sat on there bags & I sat on my raincoat – I liked the a capella songs, some where even meditative – I closed my eyes & the harmony of voices drove my mind away – but apparently not to my friends – because a noticed them after the 3rd song already getting impatient – let's go to another place – ok they were standing, while I was sitting on my raincoat – maybe they felt a bit uncomfortable – or didn't they like that music?

So we went down to Isle 'Schuett” - that's where the river Pegnitz crosses – where a lot of shacks with food from a lot of countries edged the way to the next concert stage – my friends bought some chinese food & we sat on a small wall to consume it – some minutes later it started to rain – my all-over raincoat (still from Disneyland Paris) totally saved me & my bag, while my friends fled to a big shade, where they stood pressed together like herings in a can for a while –

but even as the heavy rain poured I heard that the music from the stage in front of us was real good – it was another french band, playing a lot of different styles – while enduring the hard rain shower I really enjoyed the music & thought we ought to get closer – but then 10 minutes later- while the rain ceased – my friends had decided to walk on to the next place- apparently the music hadn't even touched them – they had listened to it, just like to any other background music or muzac in a cafι or 'warehouse' (Kaufhaus) – the next place where they wanted to go , was the Nurembergian market place. - a much more uncomfortable place to stand & listen – & the band that played there was to my information not worth to go there -

but they didn't listen to my advice & because I didn't had met my old friend Roland since I year – I decided to give up Bardentreffen concerts & just go with them – all they wanted later on was to sit in a small cafι – have some drinks together & chat -

Yes I know since long – if you want to explore a festival or town etc. – better go alone

the bigger a group is, the more indecisive & paralycing they will be to any adventure – all they want to do is to find the next coffe-house, restaurant, bar or whatever to sit & drink & eat together. - You have to go alone to find the real interesting things in life..

Everytime I had been to the Bardentreffen alone I could find some really good music & enjoy – but every time I was there with a group of people it was deeply dissatisfying to my goal to find some good musicians & enjoy them.

No meetings anymore with friends at Bardentreffen!

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