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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-07-30 - 4:07 a.m.

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Listen to the music - part II

So today, Sunday, was the third & last day of Bardentreffen .

Because on the day before on that festival I had drank a lot – today I felt really tired to go there anymore – Sunday allowed to keep long time in bad & looking out my window I noticed that it was all grey & rainy & much colder than the day before.

Definetly I was not interested to go there anymore – staying in my warm cozy & snug rooms seemed to me a much better alternative.

But then Richard called me while being already there – he said in about half an hour someone called Richard Thompson would start to play there. - Oohm – who is Richard Thompson? - he said: “he was formerly with 'Fairport Convention' – oh yes – I knew that legendary band & Richard Thompson is a really good guitarist -

so I decided against my need for resting, relaxing & comfort & went out in the ugly grey rainy weather, armed with my famous yellow raincoat from Disneyland Paris -

when finally I arrived there I heard wonderfull guitar playing – was ready for a splendid concert – but just after the song, when I arrived – the concert was already done – at least he played one song in addition -

It must have been a great concert, that I had missed..

well at least I meat Richard, Veronica & another befriended couple there - & Richard told me, that the next 'maybe good concert would be some time later on the market place – a salsa band from Cuba (see program) – so I went with them – but since it was about 45 minutes before that started, they wanted to go to dine there somewhere – which was not in my interest, - I saw an interesting blues band on small place on our way to market place & told them, that I preferred to stay here & we would join again later for that Cuba band.

Some time later sitting alone on a long 'beergarden' bench, covered in my yellow raincoat against the permanently slight rain – waiting for my friends to arrive, waiting for the band to start – drinking on a mug of beer – trying to not care for the air getting colder & colder – darkgrey & black slow moving clouds above us, giving you the feeling that it was night already hours before dawn -

Hm – I didn't feel that comfortable – could I still enjoy such a concert? - then the music started – my friends on the other hand didn't arrive – it's hard to meet each other in such a crowd – most people around seemed to enjoy the music – it got rhythm to make me move, but it wasn't the kind of music which really could get me – all this salsa & straight latino rhythms are not my kind of music- I just sense it as dancehall music – to make the salsa chicks dance & move their feet to the music & shake their hips – it was nice, but not the music I'd sacrifice the rest of the evening in this unconvenient wheather, while I had every 10 minutes to go to cover myself, my bag & even my mug of beer with my 'haute couture – mickey mouse style raincoat'.

I thought I'll finish my beer (which was already my 3rd this evening & then go home – there are better things to do than sit here in the wet & the cold with music, which doesn't go to my heart..

But while still sitting there I did my favourite job I do while being in the public – I observe people -
while the band began to play a saw a couple starting to dance in front of me – they looked a little bit contoversial – she was apparently Latin South American – he apparently German, looking like a student – I esteemed her age as about 40 or 50 – his age about – hmm 30 maybe? - she really could dance latino style like she was born with it, while he tried to make somehow similar movements – but they danced really affective to each other & I could see by their reactions, that they were in love with each other. He was the one who adored her – while she deeply enjoyed it to be adored & appreciated by her young gentle lover.

& short before the concert started, there was this young man standing besides me, talking into his cell phone to find & meet his girl friend, who was on the same place – but of course lost within the crowds – I heard him telling his position – he said: “I'm near the podest with the Albrecht Duerer exhibition” - yes that was an about 50 meter long & 10 meter bride kind of stage on the side of the market place, whereon a lot of people stood to get better sight to the stage - “I'm close to some benches & close to that big blue parasol” - she didn't see him yet - “he continued repeating these instructions, which in my minds eye seemed a bit poor – he didn't use words like left or right – or north & south etc. - he only saw that single blue parasol in front of us, but wasn't he aware, that there were a lot of other parasols & benches on other places on this location & that the stage on which she was standing also had another side with also benches & parasols aside? - he could have described, that he was standing on the side closer to the concert stage etc. - I really thought about giving him some advice to tell his whereabouts – of course she still wasn't able to find or see him by this description - next thing he told her was “I'm holding up my blue rucksack in the air!” - which he did – but this didn't help, because even an orange rucksack wouldn't have drawn her attention, if she was not close & exactly looking in his direction -

While all his vague descriptions were in vain – he focused to an easier to find appointment place – so he finally suggested to her to meet at the big portal right in the center of that exhibition stage behind us – yeah he really climbed that stage & went there while my curious looks followed his every move – I really wanted to see them united there – I saw him arrive there, but couldn't see another person meeting him – he somehow melted with the crowds behind & I'll never know whether they got now united or not. -

Probably they're still phoning with each other by cell phone for eternities, describing their positions with these unprecise descriptions, without ever finding each other – or maybe she lives in a parellel world, where everything looks exactly the same, but with the difference of that blue parasol & her friend with that blue rucksack - & yes we all know what blue stands for – it's the blue screen as background of fiction movies..

well so I went early home this evening, because the whether was all too uncomfortable, all rainy, black & blue.

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