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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-08-05 - 4:25 a.m.

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the moth

while waiting about 30 minutes in Burgtann for my train to carry me home – there passed some other trains like freight trains & fast trains, which didn't stop at this small village station of course -

while I sat a bit bored & bit comfortable in the waiting booth – just some seats with some kind of plexyglass windbreak around it to the back & the sides – while one of these fast trains passed – while passing, they always bring a lot of storm-like wind around them – it's a wise idea from the railway company to support the waiting areas with supporting wind shields

So this fast train passed – with endless waggons – it's even hard to count them while they pass -hoosh, hoosh they go – not that I usually count the waggons of a train – but if you're bored – what else should you do? -

& this passing train made such a big noise & storm around it – that I even pressed myself back in my shelter place to avoid the strong wind caused by that train.

I watched a night moth (butterfly of the night) with big beige wings – she just succeeded to get down to the ground while the locomotive & first waggon were a-coming – apparently she succeeded to hook herself into the ground with her tiny claws on her feet – her still upraised wings waved in shudders on every waggon that passed - & but she grasped & claimed to the ground – resisting that strong storm coming along with that train -

it was a really long train & I lost count – not that I counted – but then I saw that moth losing grip & she just got hurled up, tumbled away by that artificial storm, almost a tornado to her. I saw her evily uncontrollably torn into that train draft, upward, sidewards & downwards – well till just out of sight.

& the waggons that still passed, while the moth gave in, were about 2 or 3. - she rsisted about 20 or 30 waggons & just gave in in the last seconds -

Of course she didn't know how long that train would be – for her it may was always eternity (relating the lifetime of a moth to our average lifetime– when endless waggons passed her by – maybe she gave up, because she couldn't believe anymore, that this storm would ever end..

I really felt with that moth (it's the identification problem I got)

It's hard to see if you feel or identify with someone in a film or real life, if he/she gives up just a moment before the final goal or success – by watching those stories you want them to succeed & survive after a long & hard struggle – not to fail in the lost moment..

well I hope my moth has survived – after got in gripped by that e-train tornado

don't moths & butterflies live only for a few days or months (at least not longer than a season – whatever that is)?

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