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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-08-19 - 1:01 a.m.

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my perfectly perverted taste

when in my youth I ate bread with ham, banana slices & ketchup over it - there were people, who called my taste perverted -

in German food tradition only things should or are appreciated as good combination, who have something in common or are neutral to each other- so you just don't mingle sweet with salty or sour - when Asian food brought sweet-sour meals on our plates it was a revolution - you could mix sweet pineapple with salty pork etc - well I was revolutionary with my banany-ham combination before..

Later on when I visited the States I thought it kind of perverted, when I saw Kathi putting that sweet white paste called marshmallow on a sandwich with salty peanut butter - I thought it perverted to mix sweet & salty together - but soon later I liked it to put honey, marmalade etc. on bread with peanut butter - Cathi later on was shocked, when she saw me eating bread with peanut butter & cucumber slices - well sour is closer to salty than sweet, isn't it?

Years later I watched my thai friend Peo, who eats a lot of really hot chilly in most of her food - dip fresh cherries in a very spicy & sharp fish & chilly mixture - "what a perversion", I thought.

then I saw last year the film 'Le chocolat':
"En ouvrant une confiserie à proximité de l'église, Vianne bouscule le paisible village de Lansquenet qui entre dans le jeûne du carême. En proposant d'irrésistibles confiseries chocolatées, Vianne attire les gourmands, et la haine de ceux qui craignent que ses friandises n'amènent les fidèles au péché. Le Comte de Reynaud, maire du village, s'oppose farouchement à la mystérieuse chocolatière."

& here I heard first in my life about a chilly chocolate - whew - think about that combination - well I was very curious later on whether this combination really existed or how it would taste - could you really imagine eating hot chillies in combination with chocolate...

I was hot for that combination!

I've been in the South of France for a week (tonight I came back) - & while we were shopping in one of the big commercial centers called Casino - I noticed under all that sweets & chocolate kinds one chocolate with "Chilly - Noir" on it - of course I took it with me at once - Is this the ultimate persuasion of bitter chocolate & & hot chili or just an awful mix of tastes? -

Now at home back in Germany - I just ate 2 pieces of that hot chocolate - & it's so delicious - just my taste - show's how perverted I am in taste - they don't sell this chocolate here & I need to find someone who sends lots of it from there to me from time to time - it's just the perfect flavour of chocolate to my perverted taste..

of all the perversions in food taste in life I ever got aware - this one was the hottest & I like it..

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