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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-08-30 - 5:47 a.m.

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about the real power of menstruation blood..

I know a sweet black girl from French Guyana – she's beautiful, she's strong – she got a lot of connections to all kind of high society (they all want to marry her) – she's all in fashion & style - & oohm - sometimes I wonder why we're so close – well I'm not her fairytale prince, nor rich enough, nor young enough for such a relationship, but I'm probably the counterpart of all that – the trustful companion, the adviser (& also her excellent masseur) – well I'm not that much in fashion, neither I am especially rich, but I got my qualities too ..

so today while I visited her – I noticed an empty pack of antibaby-pills on a board. - later on I asked her about her prevention methods – whether she takes the pill all the time or only for occasions etc. - I'm always very curious -

she told me that she takes the pills since about the last 3 years - “and before?” I asked her (she's now 26) – she said: “I was protected then” - I asked: “How?” -

so she told me that she couldn't get pregnant before, because her mother had done something when she had her first period – which happened when she was at age 12.

She told me, that her mother had then at her first period done something with her menstruation blood & made her for her childhood & youth-time immun to getting pregnant, knotting her female conception parts somehow to male semen invadership.

I sligthtly asked, whether her mother did something with voodoo on that, but she refused “of course no voodoo” - her mother knew how to do it.

She also told me that while she knew that she was prevented to getting pregnant she wildly fucked around for long years (“to the left & to the right”) - but she knew this prevention act of her mother wouldn't only last for a few years, but not forever – hm if ever so.. - so in fact she got pregnant at the age of 23 – she knew it at once, because her period was missing, went to a doctor who gave her a pill to avoid pregnancy at a very early state..

she told me, that by then she knew that the protection from her mother was over & she had to take the 'pill' or use other prevention methods to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

I asked her how her mother had done that prevention thing with her – but she didn't know anymore, but only knew, that her mother had done the right thing – of course I didn't insist - her mother has died a year ago – so the knowledge of this kind of prevention is apparently not been transported to her daughter – a loss of tradition knowledge which I wouldn't regret in the least – may it's better to go on without that load..

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