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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-09-02 - 3:25 a.m.

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not delivering greetings to God..

I just remembered - yes it was a long time (about 20 years) ago

I was returning home from a pub (called Baerleinhuter) late at night - it was closing time & some time after midnight I was walking home - & some time later a police car was holding besides me, asking me for my id papers etc. -

they did that very often in that time, because I had long hair & wore in that time alway extraordinary clothes - so the perfect victim to police controls - who expected everybody that style in that time to be drug dealer or someone worse..

I remember a day when I got controlled by police within 2 days 4 times - three times in one evening & on the next morning again (of course)

so on this evening while they stopped besides me - the cop on the wheel said 'Gruess Gott' to me (which means 'greatings to god' literally) the common greeting in Bavaria - in the North they prefer to say 'Guten Tag' (good day - which means 'have a nice day')- I prefer that since my use - because since my youth I disliked to use this Bavarian 'Gruess Gott' formula
, because I felt it was a misusing of the name of God..

so while these cops stopped, greeting me with 'Gruess Gott' - I asked them back: "Whom should I greet? - God? - I don't know him personaly - so I am not able to deliver this greetings"

there are nasty cops, who could have been really mean for my answer, but this one just smiled & said admittingly: "you're still quick-witted for coming a pub this late time!" & I had no trouble with them..

yes all these people here in Bavaria give greetings to God, without even knowing him - does ever God gets all these multinions of greetings? -

fact is that most of all these god-greeting people ever get aware, what they are trying to say while using this dead phrase -

I wonder if ever someone of them, using this phrase, got ever got greeted back by God.

If I greet someone I would like it to be greeted back. - That makes me aware, that he had received my greetings & & also takes care enough of me to greet me back..

I wouldn't greet God if I wouldn't expect an answer & if I would greet him I really would mean it!

no I'm definetely not delivering greetings to God - that should maybe a person do who has close relationship to God & only taken by people who really mean it..

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