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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-09-09 - 4:39 a.m.

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what a shame!

Today I read in the news, that a Jew was stabbed in a big in a big German city (can't quite remember which – maybe Frankfurt), because he was wearing a 'Kippa' – the assassin spoke arabic accent

I was shocked to hear that – it remembered me that recently a Jewish-German blogger wrote that he was wearing a Kippa for a day (or some hours) walking around in Berlin, just to test the reaction of the population to a Jew identifying himself as a Jew here in Germany. - He was a bit scared & tried to interpret any kind of look or reaction to him – nothing bad happened – means he survived it & some of the commenters to this report even mocked him for about his fears. - well this racist crime I told above tells how indeed dangerious it is still or again to be identified in public as Jew, this time mainly from another corner than the remnants of the old brown Nazi brew. -

There's a new strange brew around, the Islamo-fascist highly antisemitic formations, close to Hamas, Hezbollah etc. , accepting or delivering al-quaida convictions, a mafia-like underground army of antisemites here in a new Germany where most people believe that the nightmare of Hitler's Nazi-Reich is over since long is silently growing in the underground -

Recently I read another report – I think it was in 'Liza's blog' (in German language) – telling about a peace demonstration last year, were a lot of people were demonstrating for peace between Israel & Lebanon – people there wearing all kind of flags & signs with political writings on it, but then also 2 people dared to be there with an Israeli flag - & they got first threated & then also beaten – the police who intervened, later on didn't prosecute those who threatened them with ugly antisemitic words and beating, but prosecuted only those who were holding these Israel flags. - They even inspected their homes, their computers for suspicious stuff – they were guilty for having provoked a 'peaceful' demonstration with showing the Israeli flag – how absurd is that?!? - they showed a lot of Lebanon flags on that demonstration – but none of them got investigated for provoking any Israeli. - Someone may remembers who started that war, it was Hisbullah from Lebanon killing 7 Israeli soldiers, kidnapping 2 soldiers & shooting hundreds of rockets into Israel – so why a peace demonstration here should only include Lebanon friendly & anti-Israel demonstrators? - Peace only with sympathy to those aggressors?

I feel again ashamed to be German being aware of the holocaust my ancestors did, if such things can happen here again – we should be awake & aware to never ever let those things happen again – but of course most people are not – just like in France or Great Britain etc. - there's a dominating Islamic societiy meanwhile here in all Europe with a hypocratic religious face, transporting the that strange antisemitic heirdom form their countries to our western, meanwhile 'free' to any religion world -

after all what happened here in Germany with the holocaust – it's a shame, that such things can happen here again – I'm on the watch (on guard) & I know that some view people here care too – but as usual the majority is careless, ignoring & even not recognizing these dangerious signs.

This Jew yesterday got stabbed in his belly, but survived. - this should have been the headline of the news, but I only read it in small notice in daily news – we are tolerant to any kind of religion, including those Islamic al-quaida extremists, but apparently we don't care to protect the very few Jews still or again living here – what a shame!

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