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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-09-10 - 1:35 a.m.

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feeling provoked..

here a small add-on to what I wrote yesterday about a Jew stabbed in the belly by a person with Arabic accent, just because he was wearing a Kippa -

later on in the evening yesterday I got a call by an old aunt of mine - I was still aroused about that incident & told her the story - she seemed shocked too of course - but later on she gave that little remark: "..but they should avoid such provoking acts.." - with 'they' she apparently meant to say: 'the Jews' -
I was a bit shocked, but well she's 83 & I didn't want to argue with her (there's no sense anymore) -

we live in a multi-cultural society whith all kind of ethnical groups - in the big towns in Germany you see people from all countries in the world, most clad in Western style, but you see also Indian Saris & turbans - you see Arabic women veiled all over, where you can only see their eyes & hands - you see people wearing Bavarian hats - you see people of all colours - you see men & women with short & long hair in all kind of fashion - you see people in old fashioned traditional clothes, in suit & tie, but also very crazy or sexy clad people, you see even naked people on our FKK-beaches - no need to getting provoked

but of course since my youth I noticed, that there are always stubborn people who feel provoked, because some other people live, behave or wear a fashion, different to them - I remember the time when they hated the long-haired - there are racists, who feel provoked by black skin & it's always those who feel provoked who should be blamed, but never those who apparently provoke those mind racists by just being & showing their identity in public..

Since here in Europe there is a long tradition of Christians, who felt provoked by the Jews, just because they existed here it seems that the tradition goes on to hordes of Islamists who are still in the same state of mind - we should know better meanwhile & prevent those who want to continue the Nazi's vile work, to succeed. But as always only few people are awake, a lot of people sleep, & most people wouldn't even care if you'd awake them..(& aren't also parts of those old roots of suspect, superstition & prejudice alive?)

there should be a demonstration in that town where the Kippa-wearing Jew was stabbed with a lot of people wearing Kippas for solidarity

hmm - people here have the freedom to show all kind of identity, their flags, emblems & signs of convictions, but if we can't protect Jews here showing their emblems of identity from an apparently superiority of Islamic immigrants with hostile feelings to any Jew, who show all kind of emblems of their identity in public - I feel - I know, that there is something deeply wrong in our country

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