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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-09-15 - 3:12 a.m.

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vampires taking over

last night I had a curious dream – was it about the relation between women & men? - I don't know – it goes like this:

I was on the streets in a town - there was a group of women (girls) around me, who were anticipating something – one of them had a black eye, like someone had hit her there, because she didn't had wanted to join the club.

It was short before dawn & they were a-waiting & anticipating strange things to come..

there was a kind of feast tonight for the women with no men allowed, because there'd be intruding vampires that night into town, who would kill any man, whom they would find awake, means walking around..

I got informed short time before it was about to happen & I saw groups of women walking around, while I saw groups of men laying on the ground or in beds & even on public places, while in the twilight I already saw some dark shadow figures entering the town – I still had not lied down, like I should & saw women going to welcome these vampires & some of them had bowls or goblets filled with blood to maybe mollify the greed of those vampires -

I felt that it was all a trap of the vampires & even if we did everything according to their promise to hurt no-one – I presumed them to do heavily mischief, while they were in town alone with the women, while all men were asleeping on the ground..

I didn't lie down, but went more in the center of the town, away from that intruding black shadows – I saw also some few men, who dared to be still awake & hiding between a group of women ..

but while I was at the center of town, a market or public open place – I noticed these dark vampire schemes arriving on that place from also the other side – I was surrounded & I had to hide to survive – I knew the only way to survive was to lie down to sleep, but on the other hand I also knew, that they would know whether someone would have walked around shortly before they come , because they could feel the temperature of the ground under you - & knew by that how long you have been lying there – which means, that I couldn't just lie on the ground pretending to be asleep, while they would find out of course within seconds by the temperature of the ground under me, that I just have arrived & been around in the time before, so of course they would attack or kill me -

I hadn't expected to be surrounded by them & there was no escape – but then I saw one of the men lying asleep beneath me on the market place getting up & walk away (poor chance for him to survive) – so I took the chance & lied down on exactly his place, still warm under me, proving to the vampires, that I've been lying there for hours..

& then they came – I got aware of their black schemes over me, while I tried to keep lying totally motionless on the ground – I watched them examining my place & then went on – I felt relieved

.. yes I felt relieved, but exactly that moment I woke up – so I didn't got the rest of that story – I felt a bit disapointed – like you've only seen half of the thrilling film -

I was only half awake, but tried to remember all the scenes of what I just had dreamt before & I knew, that before that dream I had another dream which was another still bigger dream-film-story – but as hard as I tried to remember – I couldn't recall it anymore

I really wondered how the story got on – did the vampires break their promise to touch no-one or if not – did we men had a chance yet to fight them - or had the women an alliance with them to get rid of their men? -

hmm – I'll never know – part II is never delivered in dreamlands & I have no idea which hollywood company is responsible for our dreams – do they keep them in store & can you order the next part via internet? - I'm still trying to find that website- they must have stored it somewhere & I would also pay some bucks for it ...

PS: while I woke up I was still astounded about this temperature thing which implied a logical thinking - yes I already dreamt that I calculated & got the exact result, that I painted pictures & that I did a lot of locical things - I dreamt of writing songs & got while a awake still the chords I played on my guitar & melody in my ear - maybe dreamland is a country & reality not to be denied anymore - if in future I succeed there more than in real life - I may immigrate to dreamlands...

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