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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-09-18 - 5:50 a.m.

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we trust each other..

Sitting in my tram here in Nuremberg for only 2 stations I sat beneath a young man who seemed a slightly bit weird to me – made me not to sit to close to him, - he may be allright, but you learn in a long life of tram life experience to avoid guys who could give trouble to you – on the other hand my inner conscience tells me to give everyone a chance of trusting & avoid no-one – if you don't have prove, that he gives you trouble – well so & because I don't like to give in to prejudices I sat down besides him, but not too close..

While the tram was driving on I watched a youth with long hair – I couldn't make out whether male or female – sitting not on one of the official seat of the tram, but on a kind of protrusion about 150 cm above the ground – head bowed down, so the hair covering all the face he/she said in wailing cadence, looking down at his/her hands: “It's gone – it just flowed throw my fingers – it's gone – where is it?" - he/she repeated these sentences all over agoin & that sounded not that sound to me & I wondered, whether he/she was somehow out his/her mind -

But soon I detected someone reacting to her moaning – sitting on the other side, apparently his/her mother which said somehow indifferently: “Let it go - Let it be” -

That moment I saw the youth turning her head up & yes it was a girl of about 12 – she still looked down on the ground just under her – she still repeated: “Where has it gone?” - well she should maybe have looked a bit more around, because I saw, what she craved for quickly enough – it was a small Lady bug crawling on the ground – moments later the girl looked in my direction & I showed her with my finger, where it was. -

For a moment I was also regretting to give that hint, because ideas that she'd be catching that bug with cruel child fingers, just to own it or play with it came in my mind..

But the girl kneeled down to try to catch the lady bug really carefully again – she got the lady bug again in her hands – the tram was stopping & she went to the open tram-door to put it out somehow – she was about to save the life of the lady bug – but when she saw the concrete pavement outside, the many pedestrians standing & walking there, she hesitated to throw that lady bug outside – she wanted to save it, but couldn't leave the tram for to put in on a save place , & on the other hand she had still to go on in that tram with her mother -

but this was just the station where I wanted to leave the tram – so while leaving the tram I told the little girl: “Give it to me, I will save it!” - she at once – facilitated – gave it to me, carefully in my hands, which built of course at once a save cave for for that bug.

There was I park on the other side of that tram stop – the traffic lights were red for a while & hoped I could succeed to bring our little lady bug to the other side before the already friskily scrabbling around beast could escape through maybe a small slit between my fingers.

& I succeeded – which means I threw that young lady bug, which had already extended it's wings inside my hands-cave, into the dense, green bushes over there.

Not that I care that much of the future of that lady bug (I wish it good luck & all, but in fact I don't care) – but it was a great moment when that caring girl transferred her patronized pet in just that short moment when I passed her at the exit door – well I had made things like that in my youth too – so I perfectly understood her at once – we lady bug carers understand what has to be done without a nod or a wink..

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