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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-09-21 - 5:03 a.m.

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crude men's talk

There are women & men – some or most of both species are typical, but some are not. - I prefer to be one of the some's -

This afternoon I had a friend & an aquainted man helping me to transport & get up some furniture to my 3rd floor – well allright so – we transported them to my attick – my friends finger was bleeding because he had cut it on a sharp edge of that furniture & had put some handkerchief over it – I gave him a sticking-plaster – partly for caring for him, but also partly to avoid this open finger cut to bleed around anywhere on furnitures & ground – I like it clean & fixed & tidy.

The other man than made some suggestions about peeing on the wound for desinfection & their talk to that was getting uglier & uglier - they were making some crude men's talk remarks on & on about that theme – & I didn't react or reflect in the least to their theme, but made them quickly change the theme.

I remember I had once in a company in my office 3 trainees, 2 male, 1 female – whom I had to teach our software. - So I was together them for about 3 months – the female trainee left after 2 months & while she left she dropped this remark: “Now, if I'm gone it's probably getting crude here” -
she thought, while we men would be alone together, we would change to rough men's talk? - But no we didn't – we were polite, caring & educated as before with her. - It's not all men – of course, but sometimes I wonder how primitive some groups of men get in barracks, prisons etc. dirty talk, rude behaviour, & maybe finally crude violence - places where the primitive ones rule & the sensitive, educated & caring people getting hunted.

I never understood why men while they're in groups (sometimes also women) like so much think it funny to talk about mangy & disgusting things – well I never liked crude men's talk, which some some of them do only if they're together with other men, but avoid it, while women are around -
what hypocrites they are – their later on wifes will sooner or later detect what pigs they are.

No – I don't like to be together with men who think it's special men talk if they grunt & get ugly & primitive, like: “ we can take off any disguise we do usually in society & behave like quite naturally born pigs” -

No – I'm none of their kind & never will be!

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