from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-10-01 - 4:56 a.m.

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about the most difficult task to change the beads of life

some funny little dream I had tonight - it was like this:

I was walking with 2 friends (a couple)on a path along a small lake - the lake looked like it was deep, not dark, but friendly, there were some schemes like isles in it - a little bit farer I saw something like a big framework or scaffold protruding high up likee an artwork & there was something interesting on it -

my friend didn't notice that & wanted to walk on that path, but I succeeded in convincing them to enter that lake - it looked so refreshing, so deep, so blue & there was a fascinating goal on the other side - that scaffold with that mysterious kind of artwork -

we went into that lake to cross it - I saw some tiny boats on the shore & we decided to take them to cross the the lake - they were really tiny, well about 10 cm length, but I was convinced, the moment we would take seat they would grow bigger, which in fact they didn't do - so we had to cross that lake by swimming - & I thought it a nice idea to swim this short distance in that deep blue sea,
but while we tried to swim over there I noticed the lake was too shallow to swim on most parts - you touched the muddy ground with your feet & there were parts were you only could crawl through mud & dense water plants thicket to get on.

Well while finally at that scaffold we climbed out of the water - I saw that one of my friend, she still had that little miniature boat sticking at her ass

so we climbed that really high scaffold, made out of bamboo-wood - & there high above I could see some emblems hanging like some Indian magic stuff - a pattern of beads, pearls on coloured cords attached to a wooden frame - which meant something - it was a kind of riddle, which had to be solved

I tried to solve by making one or two small movements by re-arranging the beads, but then I noticed a small note below that riddle, that this riddle can only be solved with some very intelligent mathematical formulas -

so knowing that I'm no math expert I left that riddle unsolved alone & we were at the other side of that lake in a room like a pub's room - tables & chairs, but no people but some friends of mine & me -

one of these friends, a guy with long blonde hair (not a person I know in real life) started to friendly bully me - he came a bit too close to me, gave me a slight push with his shoulders & I tried to get away from him - but he followed me & his friendly attacks got harder & I didn't feel they were that friendly anymore - I really tried to get rid of him by walking around that tables, while he all the time following me - I notices a sword or something like a big knife in his hands, with which he friendly attacked me - of course without hurting me - I knew I could trust him that he wouldn't hurt me really - but it got tedious more & more.

Then I got aware about the relationship of his strange uncontrolled behaviour to the unsolved riddle - I knew he was totally hypnotized because that riddle was stil unsolved & he would keep on following me & attacking me more & more violently until he would kill me or I would kill him counterwise or I could solve that riddle

the moment I got aware about that coherence - he changed his molesting attitude to real aggression by really trying to hurt or even kill me with even stronger & more pointedly goaled strokes - well I had to react, while still all the time withdrawing I also had chances to kill him (I had meantimes also a sword in my hands), but hesitated, because I knew he was a good friend & only hypnotized & out of control by that unsolved riddle -

so I tried to return as quickly as possible to that scaffold with that riddle - but had in mind, that I had only very short to time to solve it, being followed by my 'trying to kill me unconscious friend' with no idea of that math formulas needed to solve it. - So I was aware that I had only 3 opportunities:

the first one: I would quickly find connection to a math genius friend (I have some in real life) who could solve that riddle for me - before that zombified friend would kill me - I saw poor chance - because there was no time left, with that attacker on my tracks..

the second one: I could just kill my attacker, by stabbing him - I was much quicker than him, because not that 'en-trance' - but hated the idea to kill him, because he was a friend of mine, but just under strange control.

the third one: - I could put the bead that I moved to start to solve that riddle back in it's former position - so making the change of my friend unhappened - everything in it's right position again - everything just fine - no trouble started yet - any mischief not yet startet - turning back the wheel of time -

yes - the third opportunity seemed the right thing to do - but while I tried to get there I woke up - so will never know, whether I succeeded

Hmm - probably I wouldn't have this problem in my dream if I'd have studied maths..

but I found this dream very interesting - me luring people in my idea of a fantastic journey into a lake, that proves to be nothing but a muddy water - but the goal still remained fantastic & high - the really conscience question in the end when my instinct overruled, that just pulling the right trigger to make it all unhappened & that I rejected till the end to kill an enemy-obsessed friend..

well like in real life - it's only a small bead which you have to remove to it's right place to make everything allright - will if ever you can reach that bead anymore

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