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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-10-09 - 5:30 a.m.

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Join the black sheep association!

I just found an article about a poster the SVP (Swiss People's Party) uses for their election campaign. - See here that poster:

The SVP is a most powerful (about 22 percent), extreme right-wing party in Switzerland. - The poster has been distributed in a mass mailing to Swiss households, reproduced in newspapers and magazines and hung as huge billboards across the country.

It means "Kick the black sheep out!" - whoever they are, immigrants, 'the others', the xenophobic enemy image of 'a clean country' nationalists with rude even violent paroles. - this poster could mean kick the immigrants out, & they really mean it.

in Germany the very right-wing party in Germany NPD (Nationale Partei Deutschlands) in Hessen already used a copy of that poster - but at least the NPD in Germany doesn't have that much percent - in the former West Germany countries less than 5 percent, but in the 'New German' East countries (formerly communist regime DDR) like 'Sachsen' etc. between 7 and 9 percent, which is dangeriously high. So according to these numbers the most aggression crimes against immigrants & strangers are done in the East. - I once warned my black friend C. to visit the East.

But 22 percent in the country of neutrality & peace, well maybe also the country of selfish ignorance & intolerance, the black heart of Europe - but well I don't want to exaggerate - there are those 78 other percents in Switzerland, there are demonstrations & campaign like the 'black sheep campaign' there are politicians
like Micheline Calmy-Rey, the current president of Switzerland under a one-year rotation system. She said in an interview:

“The poster is disgusting, unacceptable. It stigmatizes others and plays on the fear factor, and in that sense it’s dangerous. The campaign does not correspond to Switzerland’s multicultural openness to the world. And I am asking all Swiss who do not agree with its message to have the courage to speak out.” (source: NYT)

Yes have the courage to speak out, to fight & resist those restrictive Nazi-spirit forces whereever they appear!

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