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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-10-29 - 5:23 a.m.

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times a'changing

they're changing time – yes well since long I noticed that they even changed time her in Europe, Germany – it started in 1978 when they started the time changeover here – I knew at once this was a plot of those eager early birds – which not only want to get up that early each morning, but want to force also anyone else to do it their ways – in fact they forced me since 1978 to get up 1 hour earlier all summer & half of the spring & autumn long -

I feel always relaxed if they change it back in late autumn to the original time – if they want to get up earlier or want to start their job earlier – let them do it- but do they always try to force everybody else & even a nightowl like me, to live according to their time – they could just get up an hour earlier, instead of 6'o'clock in the morning at 5'o'clock – but they just pretend getting up at 6 a.m. while of course they know it's so much earlier.

I heard that cattle in farms also have problems to get accustomed with that abrupt one hour earlier getting milked in the morning & then – a half year later getting tuned clock cross-wise

Of course I got accustomed to this falsifying of time since long, but I never understood, why some people just can't set their alarm clock to an hour earlier & instead force all their surroundings to pretend a changed time

Time should be a measurement, like meter & centimeters, like Celsius & Fahrenheit

Just my imagination running away with me: I know (knew) a lot (at least some) of women who fake about their age – the older they get, the more they lie about their age -
so I just imagine if just those women of that kind rule – they would may change the time to: that every year has not 365 days but 730 day, which would make them of course so much younger than before, - hmm – why not let's change the meter to about 120 percent of it & why not make the measure 'liter' “twice as much”, just for buying cheaper or “half as much” just for better sale.

“let's change time & measure – just for our profit & gain” - I still think that measures should be absolutely neutral to personal greeds & needs – everything you do in that cases should be done in relation to those, by all accepted measurements since long – of course that's not the concept of commercials at all..

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