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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-10-31 - 4:24 a.m.

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those strange byrds!

so my Portuguesian friend Maria called me tonight with loud music as background, which I could slightly identify as guitar playing from the sixties or seventies - - she told me it was the 'wire birds' - whether I liked their music & whether she should record it for me.. -

Hmm - who the f... are the wire birds - or did she say: "dire birds"`? - never heard that name - so I asked her: "could you repeat that name? - she repeated it & then even spelled it, but I couldn't quite make it up -

by her spelling it, I got aware, that she started it somehow with 'y' - hm - why? & I couldn't find the 'w' in the beginning of the word in her second repeating - it started something like 'eye' - the eye-birds -hoomm..

so I asked her to spell it really slowly, letter by letter & so she did.

so finally I understood - it was the 'Yardbirds' - a band of the sixties performing Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck by the way-

she had learned her small English somewhere i life learned perfectly well - apparently she knows exactly the pronouniation of the English alphabet - yes 'Y' is spoken like 'why' - 'why'ar-birds' seemed quite logical to her (I wonder how she would speak a word with 'w' (double-u) in it?

well Portuguesian English has it's own ways somehow, but the Yardbirds were great anyway & I asked her to copy these songs for me (I hope she's better in copying them to CD than pronouncing them in Portugues style..)

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