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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-12-09 - 3:13 a.m.

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just a little absentminded

I must have been a really bit absentmindedly & uncencentrated today – not that I was just now searching for my glasses for a while while having them on my nose – some hours ago I wanted take an empty milk bag, lying on my bed to the kitchen – something else came in my mind & when after some seconds of distraction I wanted to pick that bag it was gone – hm – since it wasn't on the bed anymore, I looked around, on the table, the floor, the bench besides the bed I'd been sitting all the while – but in vain – the milk bag was gone. - So I went to the kitchen without that bag – 'maybe I'll find it later' I thought. - While opening the door to the hall I noticed that I had something in my hands, yes it was the missing milk bag. Apparently I had held it in my hand all the time I was looking for it. - Whew – am I getting senile? - Well just a teeny tiny bit of abstracted sometimes – shows how ingenious I'm sometimes hovering above the tedious material world. (sounds better to me than senile)

My grandma, twice as old as me, lives since 2 years in an old people's home. My parents visit her about daily. Today my mother told me on the phone, that her mam had told her, that there was a man sitting on her bed, when she went in her room & wanted to go to bed. - My mother asked the nurses about that accident & they told her that my grandma just had entered 'her room' on another floor & which was in fact that man's room & wanted to go to bed there . She couldn't be convinced later on, that this wasn't her room nor her bed. No “there was a man sitting on my bed”

Why there isn't a woman sitting on my bed if I enter my rooms? - Probably I'm not yet quite confused enough...

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