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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-01-05 - 4:22 a.m.

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just in case

If Minus plus Minus result in Plus & 'No' plus 'No' (meaning No to No) result in 'Yes', then maybe also the combination of 2 negative little mistakes in daily life result somehow positive – well I can prove that.

I had an appointment early today & got up a little late for that – so I got up, ran quickly to the bathroom, then dressed & had to start quickly even without breakfast & coffee.

On the was downstairs I noticed, that there was something thick like a ball inside one of my trousers legs – I touched it & it felt soft like some fluffy piece of fur or wool – I got quick aware, that it must be one of my yesterday's socks – hm – I didn't like the idea that it would fall off out there on the street in puplic somewhere – but of course I couldn't pull it out, while in public.

By carefully walking & moving I succeeded in keeping it on that place until I reached a secret place to pull it out & put it somewhere deep down in my city-backbag.

Evening came & I was with my friend Larine coming home late in the evening from Berlin, - she was pretty tired & soon went to bed – I sat on the side of her bed & we did some work in the internet on her laptop besides on her web-page – some time late she grew more tired & got headache, so asked me for a massage for her neck, forehead & temples, which I did for a long time (you know I'm a very good masseur) until she was about falling to sleep -

in fact I heard her softly snoring

so I softly got up, switched off her laptop, switched of her tv & left her room to the kitchen, to get my coat, hat, shawl & bag there to return to my flat. -

Just then I noticed that I had forgotten the case for my glasses in her room, & I didn't wanted to return there, searching in the dark room for that case, to not wake her up again.

But put my fragile glasses in my backpack, meant maybe to break them because of the lots of other stuff rumbling & crumbling there around –

leaving the glasses on my nose was also impossible, because I hardly can walk around with them nor meet public traffic without seeing everything quite fuzzy, because they're only apt for reading or PC work.

But then I remembered that sock in my bag of earlier this day. Wasn't it a perfect etui for my glasses? - So I did put my glasses in my single sock & everything went out fine – at least my glasses returned safely & unbroken home.

(But what happened to my other sock – I can't find it anymore – I suspect it's carrying the glasse of someone else around..)

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