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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-01-07 - 2:11 a.m.

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buried in beer

I just saw a report about Ghana - I always 'luv' to see reports about other countries, different ethnological forms of life, customs, traditions etc. - Life on our small, huge planet is a big puzzle - you have to collect all your life long piece by piece of those puzzle parts & may put them in the right relational position, to may get a clear image of what's going on in our world, out of the schemy mists of ignorance, still far away from really be 'knowing it all'..

so this report was about a tribe called Gha (of course) in Ghana & about their coffin tradition, which must be in some ways pretty new..

it was about those craftsmen who are building coffins. - They do it with a lot of fantasy, according to the former life of the deceased.

So there were wooden carved coffins built like a ship (a sailor probably), a plane (a pilot or stewardess maybe - or someone who liked airoplanes) - a coffin built like a rooster (did he have a chicken farm or was he very cocky or did he he had a bad craving for chicken meat?) - & then - there was also a coffin built like a big green bottle of beer (which probably was the cause of the probands death)

I really wonder in what kind of coffin they put a prostitute - somethin pink, with some dessous & very round curves - I guess..

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