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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-01-13 - 7:15 a.m.

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my black line

there's been in my life meanwhile three black women who became dear friends to me – 2 of them my best friends ever – I avoid to talk about personal things about my friends – that's just private - but I just want to mention some small thing they had in common:
a) they often gave me food or invited me to meals – so they really cared about my physical needs
b) I got t-shirts – means all 3 of them gave me t-shirts coming from Hawaii, London, Vanuatu, Ghana & Nuremberg – I really like to wear those shirts & hope they will never decay..
c) my best friend Chantal from Cameroun, which meanwhile expatriated to Australia (which made me very sad for a long time) gave me as parting present an excellent, expensive, black, 'original leather' rucksack – with fine wild leather, just the right amount of little pockets on it – to make it my favourite bag for long long years, - I was really proud of it & quite comfortable with it -

but after meanwhile 4 years of daily use all the leashes & laces & closures of it got broke or rotten – so obvisiously that more & more often I heard people say, I should let mend it – I should give it to a cobbler to fix it.

.. but I loved that rucksack so much, that I'd never had given it up – it looked meanwhile somehow shabby, but it was still very comfortable & usefull. - why should ever in my life give it up?

so last christmas my new, but not next, friend - coming from French Guyana, living now in my neighbourhood – gave me a parcel which revealed after unwrapping another – quite new – black leather rucksack (must have been expensive) – apparently she couldn't stand it anymore, seeing me walking around with that old bag with those rotten leather straps.

As much as loved her present, I only hesitatingly got my things from my old one into the new one. - In fact the old one was a bit bigger, a bit more comfortable with it's sidebacks – I would have used him until it would have fallen to pieces.

Well I really love my new black rucksack meanwhile – even if it's hard to find things in the very narrow sidebags.

But also just to mention – black women tend to give me t-shirts & black rucksacks – it seems to be a rule somehow.

Well tonight I really dreamt of that black rucksack: I was sitting in a train about starting to go – I knew that some friends were on the next waggon in front of mine – so left my black rucksack (which I was even carrying in that dream) on my seat & went for a minute to those friends just to say 'hi' to them – I went back to my seat & was shocked, because my rucksack was gone – someone must have stolen it – the train was already driving, so the rucksack could only be somwhere inside the train – I walked to the front & end of the train through all waggons, looking suspiciously on every passengers baggage to find my bag - but couldn't find it. I had a deep feeling of loss of all the precious important things that were inside my bag, which seemed to be lost now forever..

just that moment I woke up from early morning's sleep, somehow relieved that it was only a dream & hadn't lost my precious black rucksack at all – but while I slept on some minutes later, I found my self in the same dream as before (to be continued..) - I was still in that train, searching for my black rucksack – this time the waggons seemed to be much more than before, so much cabins with passengers to search.. – I suspected everybody who had some larger baggage to have my stolen rucksack there inside & so informed the conductor of that train to search those suspicious baggage – I also got aware, that for a short time after I left my seat, the train was still in the station – so it could also be possible that a thief quickly entered the train, grabbed my bag & left the train again, seconds before it left.. - yes the bad habit of thinking about all different kinds of possibilities doesn't even leave me in my dreams.

well finallly I didn't find my black rucksack anymore even in the sequel - & gladly survived my annoyance about that loss by waking up again..

I really hope, that there aren't further sequels on dream-online prepared for me..

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