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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-01-25 - 3:52 a.m.

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new antisemitism wave in Germany

hmm - I just watched an report about a Jewish school in Berlin -

since the holocaust here in Germany under Hitler's III'rd Reich there lived for long time only very few Jews here. - But since the wall fell & the East Communism States crumbled, there's been an exodus of people from former German descent & also from Jews from Russia & other eastern countries.

it seems that Germany meanwhile after that wave of deep antisemitism & hate against Jews is quite changed & moderate now..

well it only seems

this report told that the pupils of that school (the Jewish Highschool) have their lessons behinde big defending walls & with security guards around, even guards from Israel - & sometimes on their way home from school they get accused or attacked with bad names like 'Judenschwein' etc. - these attacks happen mainly by muslim (Turkish etc) youths -

in that report there were also pupils from another school nearby questioned about that Jewish school & some of the answers were the typical sterotypes prejudices like once heard in Nazi-propaganda - here some examples what those youths of that school had to say about Jews:

'Ich find sie scheiße' (I think they are shit) - 'they are greedy' - 'they don't share' - 'we hate them, because they hate us'

& it seems that again nobody knows & nobody cares about that shame, that again Jews are getting attacked & accused & insulted inside Germany - no Muslim school in Germany needs that high security fences - we should take high care to defend that small minority of Jews against the big minority of antisemitic Muslims & those stupid right wing Nazi fuckers..

Well I consider leaving Germany forever as a good idea, because I fear those fascist, antisemitic & ignorant forces are getting stronger again - but in the moment I don't have the economical possibilies (not enough dough you know)- maybe I should fight them from the place I still live..

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