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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-02-09 - 5:04 a.m.

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coward to 13

since about 3 years I have this small part time job in a driver school - we have apprentices of all kind of nations, Chinese, Russians, Turkish, Mexicans, Italians, Thai, from Balcan States, from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Maroc etc., even one Mongolian once, from African States etc. & also some percents of Germans here.

Of course some need more hours & some less. - The average is about 35 hours - I'll make a statistic one day.

Often the beginners ask me how much hours they would need & of course I can't tell them, because it's so different. Some need only a few, some need a lot - some succed at once & some fail in even the 3rd test.

So while I recently examined my database for those who needet the most & the less hours - it was Russians, who had the record in both directions. - There was one Russian guy who had made the test already after only 28 hours, while the other extreme record needed more than 100 hours to get the driver's license.

These days Peter (my boss)told me that he had registered one of our apprentices (also Russian) to the license test for the 13th of Feb. - but he had refused that term, because he is very superstitious - he believes that he would either fail the test or have an accident on that day - so Peter succeeded to get a term for the test on week earlier. - By the way this young man had also told Peter, that in Russia only cowards use safety belts (which is duty here)

so yesterday he had his driver's license test, but after about 50 meters the tester stopped it & our apprentice had failed the test. - Why? - He had forgotten to put on the safety belt & so failed the test even if it was not 'the 13th'.

Well at least he had shown, that he's no coward - whom ever that may be helpful..

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