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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-03-25 - 4:03 a.m.

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Night Snow for an Night Owl

It's last day of Easter now. Late at night, looking outside my window, I see heavy snow lying on the roofs. - Two days ago in the early morning light I also saw heavy snow flakes falling in front of a pale leaden grey sky, falling like a protective curtain & lying on the roofs & ground like a comfortable blanket. - Wrap me in - I feel sheltered & comforted. - But I was deeply disappointed, that about noon all the snow was gone again. The day in its false warmness, had driven out that cozy winter feeling. - So again next day - snow in the night but at day it was all gone.

It's 3 o'clock in the night on the third day & I see that snow cover all over the roofs of that old Gustav-Adolf-Church in front of my house, on the roofs of the other houses in the neighbourhood, on the cars, streets & that big place down there, giving that dreamy feeling of change from all day reality to some small escape of enchanted white world.

Hmm - of course it will be all gone tomorrow at day again. - Well so good, that I'm an night owl - so I get that pure white snow winter impression, while all those average day-actors, -believers & -workers totally miss it.

PS: to put this slight euphorism to the right relation - there's been now real snow seasons in winter since long years here in Germany & I remember so well the long snowy winter periods in my childhood - snow & ice was a big adventure & playground for us kids & somehow I miss it, that this change to the real winter time about never happens anymore, replaced by just a very long time of unfriendly cold, damp weather - no yes or no - for about most time of an year. - but maybe the snowqueen is dead & now the sunqueen rules, but I don't think that she's quite apt to give us real comfortable warm weather. - I prefer a real summer or winter, but not that undecisive weather cheat we have since long years on this new fault line if weather indecidedness..

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