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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-04-24 - 3:08 p.m.

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I doubt it!

I just read in the news, that Assad (from Syria) approved in an interview in the Arabic paper "Al Watan" of Quatar, that Israel's president Olmert is ready to give up the Golan heights. Assad said, that the turkish Premier Recep Erdogan, mediating between Israel & Syria gave him information, that it'd be Israel's will to leave the Golan to build peace with Syria.

Other recent news had told me that Syria gathers troups on the boarder to Israel, seeming in coordination with Hizbollah who accumulates hypes of rocket weapons via Iran & Syria for a soon to come strike against Israel, co-operating with Arabs inside Israel to fight & sabotage from the inside, the moment Hizbullah attacks - & of course Hamas would multify it's attacks in such a case.

Only few remember or know that Israel took the Golan heights from Syria once in a situation of war, because it got attacked from most of it's surrounding neighbours, & was a long time before all the time attacked by shooting assaults via the border from the Golan heights - so to keep it was not a case of gaining land, but a cause of security, to not ever on get attacked from there.

Ok - Israel made clear that a peace contract with Syria depends wether it stops any support for Hamas, to expel the political leader of that terror organization, Khaled Mashaal out of Damascus, to discontinue support for Hizbullah & to stop ties with Iran.

Hmm - if ever Assad, Syria agrees to those conditions & Israel will give back the Golan heights - I really doubt, that Syria ever would dissolve ties with any of those parties - well even if would say so openly they would never give up their partnership in that evil plan to destroy Israel - the only result would be, that they would come a little bit closer to their goal of prey.

Or am I too pessimistic - I doubt it!

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