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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-07-19 - 8:52 p.m.

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from now on: bilingual

hm - maybe I should make this blog a bilingual one - I had that idea since long, but it seemed difficult to realize it -

I am German, but since my early youth much influenced by English language - remember the Stones, the Beatles, the Kinks, the Who - the British invasion of rock, pop etc. - that really made me learn English to a decent degree -

when much time later on I was invited by a friend in the USA - my English got much better - in that time I started reading English books - started with children books, like stories about geese & rabbits etc. - some later on all English written literature & news were open field for me

Since that time I've been reading fluently a lot of English literature - in fact I read much more in English, than in German meanwhile, because English is world language, German not - & about 80 or 90 percent of human knowledge is written down in English - I think everybody who wants to know what's going on in our world should understand English - well if it would have been Spanish, which is in my minds eye a bit easier to learn, everybody should know that language - but now by chance it's English & I don't understand all these simple patriots in a lot of countries who refuse to learn & understand English - hey you little czechian world improver - maybe you got the best advice for all the world to know to save & serve the whole world, but please don't write in czechian, because nobody in the whole world, except some villages around you, understands what you're about to say

when later on I noticed some years ago the world of diaries & blogs (well the blogs came later on) - in fact in the beginning I read for a long time only the diary of the beautiful, famous Gentry Lane de Paris, which I saw in a tv-show here in Germany - that late-night show (Harald Schmidt show) did repeatedly recite from her fresh, girlish, 'frech', fancy diary & later on she was invited to the show - she had an overwhelming good appearance there. -
I've watched that from the beginning, saw finally her on H.S. latenightshow - wow - I began to read her diary & really liked it (she's an Jewish-American once girly type, & now professional fashion designer in haute couture of dessous)- & of course in her site, there were links & comments to elsewhere - if you get a little bit around you detect so much interesting people more - from diarylands to blog-o-sphere - worldwide - I detected a lot - & of course later on you make your decisions - which one you prefer, which ones you regret -

well all my diaries & blogs for long time were in English of course - so when I started it had to be English too of course - when I met a site in diaryland written is Finnish etc. - well you don't understand a word & you think, why don't she/he write not in English for everybody to understand.

Well on the other hand - meanwhile I detected some few German written blogs, which I read a lot -& comment sometimes there, which makes some readers of course look to my site - I think everybody here in Germany should know English language at least (we get that taught in school since about class (age 9 or ten)

I had ideas since long to make my site bi-lingual - but I wouldn't like to write the same article in both languages - that would be hideously tedius - I don't have energy or time for that

I come along with English language well enough, but not in the least perfect, - I'm much better in German of course - I can write much more appointed in punchlines etc. & exactly know, what my little puns in my own language mean -

in recent times I made also a few of comments in German written blogs, which gave me the feeling, I should write that too in my own blog (diary) - & so I will do - I'll continue to write here in English, but sometimes - if in mood - I'll write in German - I'll have to announce these new conditions somewhere in the headlines - & you will see by the caption, whether it's an English or German written article -

well - if the title would be "finger" or "wind" or "Selbstdarstellung" or "sand" - you'll never know!

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