from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2008-10-28 - 2:07 a.m.

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where's that letter?

Sometimes if a dream at night - & of course I dream a lot while I sleep - I get aware that I'm inside a dream - it's seldom, but it happens from time to time - if I get aware that, what happens to me is only a dream, in most cases I wake up - but sometimes I sleep & dream on, but take consequences in acting in that dream, because I know "it's not reality - it's only a dream". - I remember, that even when I was about 5 year old, I once dreamt, that I met a man & told him, that I was only dreaming him (I hope he didn't feel offended or defamed by that)

.. funny thing just while I write these lines - there is in tv an emission called "Galileo Mystery" where they are talking about dreams & one person told, that there are people who are able to control or direct their dreams, while being aware that they dream. The moderator behaved very doubting - apparently he never had such a dream..

there is one typical thing meanwhile in my dreams, that makes me aware, that I dream, & that is: I try to read something inside a dream & while I read, the letters, words or numbers change - so that I just can't make sense of them - then I usually get aware: "ah - I'm inside a dream - hm" - this sudden awareness of being only dreaming made me once in a dream, to 'not call the ambulance while 2 men lay bleeding on the street' - it was like this: these men attacked me on the street (apparently trying to muerder me) - so I knocked them down, smashing something on their heads - they lied bleeding on the street & I went inside the pub besides, & asked the people there for a telephone to call the ambulance - then tried to find the number for the ambulance in the telephone book there, but then noticed that while I tried to read that number, the numbers where all the time changing - so I got relieved & told the people in that pub: "we don't have to call the ambulance - this is only a dream!"

further on I remembered in dreams that expereance sometimes & especially got aware of dreaming while reading inside a dream.

So recently I had another nice little dream when I couldn't decide, wether I was dreaming or not - so consciousness was fighting against unconsciousness within that dream. - It was like this: I dreamt, that my aunt had written me a letter & it seemed something very true & profound & very importan to read - but while I started reading it & had already doubts whether the words would stay the same, while I read them - but this time I could read the whole sentences & they made sense to me, so apparantly I was not dreaming. But a little doubt remained in the background of my suspicious mind - so I got a very logical plan in my mind to prove that I was not dreaming - I thought: Let's wake up & read that letter again, & if what I read then is identical, than I'll know that this is reality & not a dream" - (well only half-logical) - so I really woke up (sometimes I can provoke a waking up inside a dream, but sometimes I think inside a dream that I wake up, while still dreaming) - well this time I really woke up & had still in mind, that I now had to read that letter again - but where was it? - I had totally forgotten to take that letter with me outside of that dream to that other reality. - It was in the middle of night & I - halfasleep thougt: "let me fall back to sleep & continue that dream.." - but of course I couldn't - at least not the second part of that wish..

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