from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2004-12-25 - 5:47 a.m.

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while my guitar gently weeps

more & more this diary becomes my books of dreams for a while -
not that my life isn't interesting enough, to tell about, but in most cases I refuse to talk about closely related people & that's was most of my life is about - I'm a secret keeper & don't want to loose friends, because I told in public, what I think about them, or tell something about them, they wouldn't like to be told to public -

when I awoke today - being still half-asleep, I still was confused & bemazed by a strange dream, I just had, trying not to get aware of the reality of this new day with all his tedious daily plights.. - just spend some time to re-remember the strange sphere of my dream before -
usually you forget dreams quite quickly later on, if you don't reflect them sorrowly just in the moment you awake & they are still half-afresh, still slightly remembered with a tendency to fade in your memory - but if you at once, recall into conscience the small traces of the just-dreamt dream-story, & repeat until your sure, to keep it in your memory -

I can't quite remember the start of the dream - so open starting - I was on something like a feast or a place where a lot of people were together & I became somehow in posession of a precious guitar - in real life I'm not a good guitarist - I know the chords, you know & some riffs -
as soon as I got this guitar, I started to play it & I was surprised, how perfect & geniusly I could play it - I was playing some chords in a brillant rythm style - it was very intense & a lot of people started to listen to my music - I could play with a genius virtiousity & my fingers could handle the positions quick plectrum rhytmic without any thinking or effort, just by instinct - I really was becominging some kind of guitar star..

later on I was on walking down a street with a row of people, most of them were fans - & still had my guitar hanging on a cord round my neck - & while passing them I played some magic base riffs - I think it was a kind of rock'n'roll melody mainly played with the lower strings 'E', 'A' & 'D' - some of the crowd were fans to me & I I noticed a girl who tried to seek my attention - there was also someone - looked like an american tourist - who was obvislously a bit drunk, who also tried to talk to me, but he was very enervating & unpolite - & later on tried to molest this female fan - we were in a bar later on - & again this disgusting guy molested my female fan, who was also there, became more and more aggressive & tried to rape her - he became real dangerious & I couldn't stop him, but was very upset & by defending her, I had suddenly a knife in my hand & stabbed him, - in this moment he looked somehow like a cartoon figure & my first stab- try wasn't correctly set, so on a second try I stabbed him just on the right place, where his heart was seated -

OK - so in this dream I really killed a man, but out of noble reasons - to protect that woman

the people in that bar began to stare at me & I hoped they had sawn the situation right - anyway I had to flee, because I knew police would arrive soon -

still with my magic guitar in my hand I rushed outside the bar & didn't use a car, cos I knew, they would try to hunt me with their honking police cars - so I took an accidentally on the wall leaning byke for my flight -
but while riding the byke there was a partner with me on the byke - I can't quite remember, who - maybe that woman fan I defended from that violater - still with my guitar with me with me I drove down the streets of this big town - police cars everywhere cruising around, searching for that 'killer' in the bar - one overtook me, but I didn't notice me as the wanted guy, because the driver looked more on the cars on the street, than on a passing byker & I quickly slipped to a narrow passage on the side -

but I knew the only way to get rid of them was to reach the channel at the bottom of the city, with some bridges over it & some ships of the big sea lying on anchor there -

reaching the water of the channel, the water & the ships seemed freedom & escape to me - so I drove down & down the streets, who where steep like in San Francico & with high speed I (we) drove down to the channel & splashed into it - knowing, that I was invulnerable with my magic guitar with me - I came under water, but could soon ride with my bike to the surface of the channel & drove to the first ship I could find - while I & my compagnion entered it, I saw the captain & a sailor - his only crew - somehow asleep on there places -
I could have easily overwhelmed them or had thrown them over board to get the ship under my control, - but since they hadn't done anything aggressive to me - I didn't want to hurt or kill them (I'm ot a killer, not even in a dream) , so I awoke them & somehow hired to the captain as a new sailor - he wanted to sail to the big sea, which meant for me freedom of my hunters - but that meant also that I had to work for him, while I was with him on passage -

my first idea of working for him was to play with my guitar a sweet tune, - but this captain & his sailor didn't likeme to play guitar, than doing something more useful - they were ignorant & thought my guitarplaying to be a childish stupid thing - they tried to humble me down to do a very low level of servance job - the ignorant Cretin of a captain got so riled about my wonderful guitar, that he took it & smashed it on the table - but the guitar was magical & was undestroyable - he couldn't hurt it with all his angry violence - & I still felt joint to my magic guitar & so unvulnerable - just in that moment I woke up

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