from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-10-20 - 12:10 a.m.

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unicorn getting started

Sting of the Unicorn


Ooops - my first entry in this cyperspace diary -

Should I write something essential - should I introduce myself

(it's always good to start a new diary with a 'hmm' & then continue it with an 'oops' - makes people think, you're very competent - next days entry could maybe start with 'Ähem')

Quite unplanned I started this diary, just a late-night by-thought, but carefully planned since centuries & in the very first beginning I don't want to introduce myself - not very polite, isn't it - & don't want to write something essential -

my introduction reveals in glimpses & fragments by the following entries - so just get curious!

I don't have need to tell my daily life, but have urge to tell my century & minutely provoked thoughts & reflections of my life or humans race life - watching from my ivory tower of hopes, strange fantasy & sightseeing of reality

so ready to tell trivial & essential things, to approve, but also to critisize, to tell from a not 'main stream' kind of view, totally unobidient to public opinion - that will be my 'a rebour' , my 'gegen den Strom schwimmen', my 'Sand im Getriebe', a mirror of blind reality to consciousness, so just a little 'Sting of the Unicorn' in the strange, mass-media-driven time we live in -

this will be a bilingual diary, using mainly english (germanic-english) for english is world language & for to reach a much wider audience, not only the very provincial German tribe & sometimes in German if the theme seems apt to it..

an appropriate design for this site follows soon or maybe sooner or later or any time - also my profile -

but just wanna post my first entry in my newborn diary & wonder how it'll continue & here it is.

So good luck to the Sting of the Unicorn anyway -

& my dear guests in the house of unicorn 'Be polite & nice & gently providing in your first guestbook entries' or maybe this new-born child won't survive the first weeks of life

Heimo (spoken 'huimo' or 'highmaw'- you know it's a germanic name)

PS: Guestbook will soon be included..

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