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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-03-04 - 4:06 a.m.

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yesterday I wrote a longer critical argument to a friend (Richard) about the film 'Munich' from Spielberg - see yesterday's entry - he had written me some critical arguments to the film the day before, that seemed to me like he was in another film than me & of course I reacted with my point of view -

I got aware, that meanwhile I'm so much involved in english language - (90 % of what I read - be it books or in internet is in english - well & my diary is also in English (bad English of course)) - that I was somehow rusted to write a longer article in German - of course my German is much better than my English, but I'm not on top anymore - since I read all important German literature a long time ago, I'm now involved in reading Englisch literature & of course the field to explore is much wider..

I was much more pro the Spielberg film than - he critizised this 'mossat' agent group as too unrealistic in historical context & also the black & white tendence of Spielberg to tell his stories - the figure of 'Avner' didn't seem to him convincing to be a real Mossat agent etc. -

my impression was relatively opposite - I didn't care about the film being over-realistic or over-historical - I hadn't even expected it to be - I just had seen it from quite another point of view - saw it as allegory (analogy?) for the sense or nonsense in reaction to fight terrorism - saw the growing & changing conscience of the protagonist - the act of selfdefence was in question to becomes an act of revenge & the lines between hunter & terrorists began to change - the hunters became the hunted & the mission of doing a righteous job by eliminating the evil-doers got in question..

Of course it was just a parable about the sense of fighting a hydra, which grows 7 heads if you cut one - not the real historical story about some Mossat agents hunting down some terrorists..

today I had quite another theme in mind, but these view words I wanted to say about the issues of last entries theme extended so much, that I don't feel like telling something else.

By the way: this was probably the first time I used the English word 'issue' in my diary - I understand much more english words, than I use & issue was a long time for me one of these english riddle words, I never was quite sure how to use them.

I remember when I first searched it in my english-german dictionary - there were so many words it could mean in German, that I got rather confused about that word. - later on I got it - somehow

remember Mark Twains mocking about the German word train, which can have some dozens of meanings - it can mean a train, an expression on your face, a draft of by-passing air, a move in a chess game, a force to pull something etc. - so don't ask me what 'Zug' means in English - but 'pulling' seems a nice elemental idea to it, just like 'following' seems to by a nice elemental idea to 'issue'

Just 2 weeks ago I visited with a friend (Urs Schweitzer, the photographer) a business partner of him. - Just by chance he mentioned, when I was about telling him about english language blogs etc. - that he never quite got the meaning of 'issue' - Hmm - somehow I felt a bit over him in my knowledge of English language.

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