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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-11 - 5:50 a.m.

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Treacherious signs

A lot of women prefer - the older they get - to hide or disguise their real age (I wouldn't call it lying) -

recently I got aquainted with a nice woman - let's say she's over 30, but she`s very fresh & strong & one of those woman were you really can't say wether she's 10 or 15 years older or younger. - In fact I didn't care much. - When we become closer in relationship I began to know about half of her life, by what she told me, but still she never told me her age - I didn't wanted to ask her age directly, but when it came to that theme I realized, that she very cleverly avoids the theme & of course I'm gentleman enough to not insist -

But on the other hand I was still curious of her real age - so I was collecting date facts surrounding her life like a puzzle to solve the riddle - I knew with my stealthy investigation I would sooner or later find out her real age.

So see here how I found out (of course I won't write any dates she told me to you, because I don't want you to know her age - but you'll see the pattern):

She had told me that at age 5 she was coming from Macao (formerly Portuguesien colony near Hongkong) to Portugal - when she was 17 she came to Germany - her mother had died 2 years ago at age of xx - Her sister is 3 years younger than her & has a daughter of age xx (so her sister was at least 18 or 20 years older than her daughter) - so I came closer to the solution. - I asked her another time: "& how old is your sister?" - but she was clever enough to get aware of my trap & didn't answer directly - of course I didn't insist. - I should have asked at which age her sister had got that child.

But of course I got a range of years meanwhile - later in the evening she told me that she was star sign Aquarius - so born in January or February - she also told me her Chinese star sign & apparently she didn't know that this was the key to exactly tell me the year of her birth.

You know Chinese star signs last about one year & repeat every 12 years - next day at home I looked at the Chinese horoscope dates & so with the age of her sisters daughter & her Chinese star sign I know exactly how old she is. Of course I'm polite enough to not tell her if she still wants to keep it secret.
Well you may say - maybe she told me a wrong star sign - But believe me: Women may lie about anything but they never lie about their star sign, because if they lied about it, they wouldn't be in the least interested in astrology & thus also wouldn't talk about it.

I must correct myself a little bit: There are women who lie about their star sign - but only in China culture. - There is this Chinese star sign 'Horse' - repeating every 12 years like the other signs. - But every 5th time the year of the horse repeats (so every 60 years) it's called the fire horse. - Horoscope superstition is wide spread in China & it's believed that a woman born as sign fire horse is wild & untame-able & no good wife at all. - So a lot of Chinese women, born in this special year lie about their age & even falsify their birth papers to not be in bad reputation for a wedding partner.

But back to Europe: So dear women who are an artisan in those little tricks & cheats to hide your age - please don't spoil your perfect game of deception by accidently telling your Chinese star sign.

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