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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2009-05-02 - 10:35 p.m.

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It's memolos time!

Wow - it's been so long, I've been writing here - that I had problems to remember my password to come here in again. -
Not that I had nothing to say all the time anymore, but I was very busy partly with own projects & much more givin helpin hand on some friends projects, especially my good friend Larine, who's taking a lot of precious time from me.
In fact probably I was too lazy to write. - there is time for writing & there is time to stay quiet. -

But here some special news & commercials for my new project, called in the beginning memolo, but since 2 days I had to change the name to (because I found out, that a toy-company is using the name memolo already for a game for children).

Well what's memolos? - it's a kind of 'pairs' or 'memo' game - with couples of fotos on different themes. The idea behind is to make it later on available for people to make their own memolos game with their own fotos for their own site & what else purpose-

The principle of the game is old, coming from India under the name of Kai-awase, but in my memolos there is also the variety to play it on double decks (with a 2nd layer of cards lying over the first, - there can be chosen how large the field of cards is from 4 x 4 to 8 x 6 (supersize). - Then there is the variety, as in the Flaggen (flags) game, that couples of not identical cards who belong to each other, have to be found. - like in the flags game ' the name of a country' to 'the flag of the country' .

Sooner or later, there will be also an English version of memolos, but you don't have to understand German, to play it..-

So feel free to spread the adress on to people you know & to friends & their kids - maybe some of them or you. will like or enjoy it for a while.

the site is still under development - there will be some more themes in it soon & may the design will get a bit improved, - also bi-lingual or more-lingual versions to follow.

So have fun playing memolos & may you send me an order for your own memolos..

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