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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2009-09-28 - 2:31 p.m.

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Iran would kill our foreign minister

So yesterday there was voting- time in Germany – while there was before a government coalition of the biggest parties CDU/CSU & SPD – (the Christian Democrats - close to the Republicans in USA - and the Socialist Party – similar to the Democrats in USA) – apparently most people here didn't like this center coalition – they prefer to take sides – black or white – green or yellow - & don't understand or are willing to accept the compromises of contrary parties. - So this times all the small parties got much higher votes than the big ones – which led to a new coalition of CSU/CDU & FDP (FDP is a small party of the center, which sometimes get hardly more than 5 percent in the vote results, but this times more than 14 percent) – So the new government will be a CDU/CSU + FDP coalition. - Not that I voted them – I usually prefer the more social-democratic side, so preferably vote for parties like SPD or the 'Greens' . On the other hand of course I accept the results of the voting & of course in 4 years my/our side will win again. -
Since 4 years in Germany reigns the 'Kanzlerin' Angela Merkel – (Kanzler (chancellor) is in Germany the same as president in the USA – the president in Germany has only formal functions like the Queen in Great Britain & has no power to reign at all ) - A. Merkel is the first female Kanzler of Germany since ever. - This is a time of changes – there have been since now 43 American Presidents in the USA, all male, all white – not a single female or black or indian president until Obama came & there were high chances too, that Hilary Clinton, a woman could have won the race to become president of the USA. - Yes the times they are a-changing. - Our last foreign minister was 'Joschka Fischer' of the Green Party – in his youth he was fighting on street demonstrations against police forces – which some contrary parties later on tried to accuse to him, when he became Minister & later on Vice-chancellor & foreign minister. - I'm glad that they couldn't hurt him & he did his job as foreign minister very well & respectable.
Yes - Times are a-changing & people get in power & get accepted on which in former times there would have been witch hunts upon them. - So now in the next term of office there will again be a female chancellor 'Angela Merkel' & now also as foreign minister the chief of the FDP, 'Guido Westerwelle', who is gay by the way. - This does not matter much in Germany anymore as just to some retarded fools, - we have well respected actors, artists & politicians like the mayor of Berlin, who are known to be homosexual, but I'm glad that there is about no public discrimination here anymore to get even in the highest ranks in society, no matter which color of skin, no matter your gender or sexual alignment.

The other thing is, there are still a lot of very restricted, retarded countries in our world, who deeply suppress women, other thinking people, minorities, other religions & convictions & of course any other sexual alignment than mainstream hetero (with a superior male part of partnership of course) – will there ever be a female president in an Arabic country= – I doubt it could happen within the next some-hundred years. - In Iran (& some other extreme-fundamentalistic islamic states living by Sharia Law) they execute gay people – they really do. - I wonder – if ever our new foreign minister Westerwelle visits Iran as ambassador of Germany will he be killed? – or would they just not let him in? – accepting someone homosexual as ambassador while eliminating all gay people in the own country? - there surely will be made & done some hard decisions & discussions – may we should declare war to Iran if ever they would kill our foreign minister..

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