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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2010-02-24 - 12:05 p.m.

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Intrigues about a perfect song

I neglected my diary for a long time - so why not revive it with telling a curious dream I had last night:

well now the dream or the fragments of that dream I still can remember:

.. it started, that I've been in a big public building for entertainment, like concert halls, restaurants etc. & I had an idea & a melody for a song in my head - I started to sing it out loudly & it was an enchanting perfect song, every single tone of melody & lyrics wilfully arranged - it had a refrain with the line ending in something like 'really', 'reality' or some word that should express that what the song was telling, was really the truth - it was like a promise, that this song was perfect & true.
I remember singing the first phrase of that song over & over again to not forget it, but unfortunately I was in a hall where another singer sang via microphone another song, another tune, so it was hard to keep my own melody - I tried to move to another more quiet place, where I could still keep in memory my precious song, while on the way alway repeating my own song, to keep it unchanged by that other melody - but too bad! - In the next room there was also loud music via amplifiers all over the place - another singer sitting on his piano chanted his song there - & it was hard for my own song to survive - I felt the urgent need to record it to some media conserving tool, to fix it against getting forgotten -
finally - still repeating my song I went to that singer on the piano & convinced him to stop singing his cover song & letting me record my new invented song - the art director of that kind of music academy came to me & told me he wanted to take the tape with my song over to a company close by, who would make a CD out of it & publish it - so I gave him the unique copy & watched him leaving the room (hall) - but I got somehow a bit suspicious so I followed him - from an gallery in this hall I watched him down there in a long hall, walking to the entrance, where some guards were standing - he stood there for a while talking with the guards, but then came back without having left the building at all - this made me aware of the plot - there were also other singers like me around in the rooms & halls of this building, who had given him their songs to get them published, but he never did so - he only wanted to keep those artists inside his music halls to get his business in his dance & concert halls flowing - he didn't want to let these singers getting known or famous outside his halls, because he didn't want to lose the money he made with them -
I told, what I had seen to a singer with long black hair (she looked a bit like Melanie of the 60ies) & she got very upset & went at once to that director to confront him with his cheat - but I did stop her, just before she began to speak with him & told her to wait a little bit, because now I would sit on that piano & sing my song to all the audience which would tell the truth about all what happened here, this song would reveal it all
when I was just about starting to sing my song I woke up -(seems you never have a real chance in a dream -I remember dreams when I was short before getting very intimate with a woman & just before happiness had a chance to overwhelm, I woke up - or the phone rang & tored me out of my sweetest dreams & somehow you'll hate the person who calls you then)

I wonder what they did with that tape - & unfortunately I can't even remember the tune nor the lyrics of my wonderful perfect song, but only that it was about telling the truth somehow..


I'm not a good musician in real life - I have an acoustic & an electric guitar, a mandolin, which I used a lot, when I was much younger, but now only very seldomly - I never was a good musician, or could have played in a band, but I knew my chords on my guitar well enough to play on it just for myself my guitar fantasies & I'm at least a splendid listener to really good music & voices..

Long time ago I used to play my guitar each day some times, but now I hardly grip my guitar for once in some months - & my abilites in playing meanwhile are deeply rusted

& to singing - sometimes I sang along with my guitar, just for myself, but I was always very fond in good singers, male or female - some special voice is till now giving me the creepers running down my spine or touches my soul deeply - so probably in this dream I identified myself with one of those perfect angelic voices & songs I prefer to listen in real life..
Did you ever listen to songs of Anjani Thomas? - You should!

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