from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2003-11-22 - 12:07 a.m.

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being polite to Mr. Death

sometimes I have nice dreams, sometimes strange dreams, sometimes confusing dreams, sometimes wonderful dreams, but sometimes also weird dreams - so tonight:

I dreamt me & a blonde girl, apparently a friend of mine, were coming home late in the evening to a big house with many appartments and floors inside - we were standing in the yard behind the house, looking at the entrance illuminated inside, where some kind of portier had his cabin, but was now absent - for in this house, it wasn't allowed to come home so late & we were looking for a chance to sneak stealthily inside, without the portier seeing us

- but some meters behind us, there was a dark scheme standing in the center of the low lighted yard - looking closer I saw this was Death, looking like in pictures all bony & with skull, black coat & wrap hanging around his shoulders, scythe wearing (probably I had read too much Terry Pratchett books) - he was just standing, like he was waiting for the right moment to act (& we know what it means, if death acts), giving us, especially me an uncomfortable feeling - was he waiting for one of us, had her or my time to die already come or would come within the next few minutes? - the unpleasent feeling grew, still I couldn't stand it anymore - I wanted to know: had he come to get me or her? - so I actually attacked him somehow, went straight to him, jumped right into this sinister silhouette - as to find out, would I die at once or not - but the moment I touched him, he became nothing but a one-dimensional plastic foil with his picture printed on it, hanging weak from my hands - I wrapped it together & threw it away - but the moment the foil hit the ground, Mr. Death was standing there erect again

- since I couldn't handle him, we decided to enter the building - but silently he followed us & when we were climbing the stairs, he was close behind me - I didn't like weird death's breath in my neck & I didn't want to be scythed from behind by Mr. Bonesome, so I stood aside & politely offered him to walk before me, that gave me the feeling I got him under control - but some steps onwards, he was again behind me - & I had to introduce him again to step before me (you know in real life I'm the kind of guy, who holds open doors for women - & you see, how my sense for politeness in daily life helped me to manage my dream)

- but one problem halfly mastered & alas, the next trouble was in sight - as our own appartment(s) seemed to be in one of the higher stories, we had to cross on our way up many floors - so on the next one above us, we heard a group of apparently drunk & primitive people, probably gangsters, shouting angry at each other - it seemed the fight between them would soon erupt to real violent scenes & we didn't like the idea, to get involved (with 'we' I mean the blonde one & me - what death thought, who was still with us, I don't know) - we tried to cross this floor where the angry peoply were heard, very quick - but just the moment, my blonde friend had crossed, that door of the flat with these hateful excited voices behind, swung open & spat some of these 'gangsters' out of that room - in fear to get detected by them, who were now running around in the stairway (at least Mr. Death wasn't anymore at my tracks), I flew back down & out of that building again

- just the moment I stepped outside, the fight of this violent group some stories above became so terrific, that they threw someone out the window, - while this one still in air, falling, I was twice shocked -

a) by that muerder in front of my eyes &

b) by fear they would now discover me, knowing they were now all at the windows looking down to see their victim splashing, hitting the ground - so I tried to hide in the shadow of the building, very close to it & reach quick the next corner - but in the last moment before escape, they discovered me & I knew they had to get rid of the only witness of their muerder - so I tried hard to get as far as possible away from that building area - but had problems to move on cos my feet gave me nervous pain, while using them, the street was something like an icewall then & I used also my hands to move on & away & they worked much better than my feet

- finally I reached the next building some 100 meters away (I know Americans think in yards etc) there were a lot of people, around, but most of them children & I thought it would be a good idea to hide between the crowds, but feared that this lot of children would make it easier for my pursuers to identify the smaller number of adults among them -

aah - the decision to stay there or to flee on further was taken away from me, for finally I awoke - what relief!

You know - if I have a dream with a real storyline - I always repeat it while awake in my mind - So the question still open is, what happened to Mr. Death in that dream - he vanished exactly, when I fled down the stairs - Did he pursue on my blonde friend, who luckily escaped upstairs, but maybe not so lucky afterwards with Death on her tracks - or was Death satisfied by the one, they threw out the window & to fetch this guy was just his mission & we just by chance met him in the backyard - hmm - if ever I meet this blonde woman in real life, I'll ask her, what happened later on tin that building, while I cowardly fled..

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