from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2004-03-21 - 4:19 a.m.

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spooky - haunted by that big black dog

big black dog

I had this dream tonight - I was in some kind of appartment - there were some aquaintances around me - I wouldn't say friedns, who lived there with me, conicidental members of my surroundins just like collegues you get by chance if you work in a company - some are nice, some worse.. - together with these some people in something like a big living room or lounge.. one of the others a man in the background of the room had a very big black dog (big as a calf), who seemed to be a bit uncrontollable, especially to me - he was somehow focussed on me, coming over & over again to me with his big mouth with his big teeth - it seemed a game for him but not for me - I had sensation he was gonna bite me seriously & had to stop him by holding things against his mouth, that he couldn't bite me - I threw a net on a stick I could hold, over his upper jaw, but still then his lower jaw with long greedy teeth was still near my throat - - the little items I had to fence this aggressive dog, seemed very weak & wouldn't hold longer attacks - I had fear of life - but none of my fellow mates did take this seriously - I asked the owner of the dog, to keep it away from me, but he laughed only, - they all thought it is only a game - meanwhile I thought " this big black dog will bite my throat next time he attacke, if I don' defend myself in the appropriate way - under my weapons was still now a very small pocket knive, this net to keep his mouth away, if I was lucky enough to catch it in the right moment - so afraid for my life I was seeking for stronger defence - & I found a black knife with a long sharp silver blade about 20 cm long (in real life that's exactly my bred knife) - I told my fellow-lodgers, to use it if ever I got really attacked by that dog - but they were partly shocked about my behaviour, blamed me for planning such a sinister & despiseful deed -

the owner of the dog really threatend me if I would do any harm to his playful black dog - & on the other hand he didn't care to hold his playful 'throat-tearing' pet away from me -

I felt being under disaproval of all my comilitones, but my own life seemed more precious to me, than all their approval - so after a while this big black dog, this big-jarred Satan came back over to me - I was warned by all my fellows not kill him, but I swore in my soul to let that dangerious beast not come too cloas to my throat - I didn't attack this dog when he came - but I had a secret line of 'stay off!!!!' around me, to my inner intimate body close-ness - no-one allowed to cross this line - so I held just straight to his coming my sharp knive's top pointing at the dog's breast - "Don't step any cm furhter or this knive is in your breast - I think it was somwhow fair - I didn't attack him - if he attacks me running in my knife it's his own fault - & this stupid dog - he was so eager to bite me, that he just ran in my knife, like in slowmotion - the knife just entered like in butter sticking 30 cm in his breast - I thought he was now deadly hurt, but wanted to make sure, I really got him, so tore out the knive & sticked again twice in similiar places in his breast, make sure, to realla stab his heart - he lied then dead on the floor & the juice of his life (probably blood) was in percentages leaving his body - you could read the parameters of his loosing live in perentages on a display & see on his lying body on the ground seeng the life-loosing parts of his body gettin totally ghostyl pale- by the way it seemed the owner of the dog seemed to be not only slightly angry, that I had killed his precious dog - but when it came to loosing the last 10 or 20 percent of the dogs life & he would bi infinetly dead - I heard a notice in the room, that on the the last percent before beeing forever dead, this black dog will for short time reach his full power back, to attack again, preferably his killer & so revenge in last second his life - Argh - I meand this mad killer dog earned death - why do they allways to come back? - Why can't people can't keep their sweet deadly pets in chains, cages or at least at a dog lead (leash) -

So beware, that this dog will awake for some seconds to kill me in a last chance, made me quickly leave the room, run down the street, try to reach a side street, hide there in little sheltered room - he he - some short seconds won't be long enough to follow, reach, find & get me there - I was quiete sure - dream's reality sometimes cheatens (I'll find a dream lawyer for getting mor legal rights in dreamland..) - ok - in short words, this monstrious killer dog with his big saliva spitting longtoothed mouht was at once at me - & I wasn't anymore prepared for defending anymore - some short wild fight - I don't know quite what happened, but then I was standing somehow beneth the fighting - I looked in a mirror & and I saw me standing in the mirror - an older version of me, like I remember me of about 10 years ago - the mirror was me & was just watching the scene with the killer dog & me & wasn't involved anymore - I could go right through the scene - I wandered, what had happend - & I had the feeling this dog had really killed me, I was some kind of ghost now, could see it all around me, but not involve or touch anymore - confused, but not quite convinced I left that room - on the street was a good female friend of mine, who had followed me - I wanted to talk to her, but she couldn't see me anymore - I could walk right though her - & it was very important for me to stay in communication with her - she was a very close person in life to me & with all my desire I wanted to stay in contact with her - & it really functioned,- she could understand, we could talk, just by spirit - the only thing left, she couldn't see me, but I could see her..

For me it was now quite clear who was guilty at my death, there was this dog-keeper, he allowed the dog to attack me & his compaignions, whom I thought friends or good aqqaintances before, but who didn't in the least help or protect me in that dangerious situation, even blamed me for being so rude to take a knife in hand to protect me.

- But - hi folks - I came back in this room as a ghost - noone of them could see me - they were just sitting down to eat together on big table, with a motherly woman serving them & giving out the foot -

so I played a litte bit 'Poltergeist' - I sipped a drink in the lap of the dog owner, I levered a bowl of spaggetti and drew it over his head - glasses broke & I pushed all this served drink & food stuff on heads, breast and laps of my formerly pursuers & condemners - but I spared the ones on that table who did'nt had joined to approve to my formerly attackers. - They always put the dirt & mess I created away, wanted then to keep on dining in harmony - & the I tore the next glass of whine, pushed the next spaggheti-plate in some-ones lap -

they where really affraid now & time for the last show-down -

there was a wall of ceramic tiles on front of the dining table - I had something in hand like a magic rag, - I started cleaning these tiles & they revealed something behind them shining through mirror glass - it was all the bad deeds, my killer, the owner of the big black dog had done before, there were scenes, were he had tortured someone cruelly, killed someone cruelly, - each mirror-becoming tile gave a new picture of his criminal past - it was clear now for all on the people to see, what kind of monster, their chief was - even his followers tried to get in distance - but for some of them it was already to late - the revealing mirror-wall shot rays at them, that obened the floor & most of the people on the table sunk down into an underworld - spared only those few, who were not too much involved & whom I even had spared with my little Poltergeist-attacks -

badly enough the opening floor sucked also me in - but I didn't see any of the others anymore down under - I was in a big system of underworld world with a lot of narrow gangs and floors around, but more in the center everywhere deep holes to very down below, where you could see gleaming stones, wooden fires & on the very far below bottom only something like hellfire burning - hmm - who likes to get there down? -

I looked around, there was a lybarinth of narrow wrinkled gangways around me leading away from the open center in the middle, where it leads down to always hotter regions of this lower hell regions .

"Hide in the gangways" - was my first thought - which I did immediatly - they were narrow and on both sides up to desk stuffed with shelfs, full of stuff & examining them closer - that was all stuff of my past, - whatever has interested me in my life was stuffed her, - you could look at it, you could use it, but it gave no fun anymore - I found a little pegtop (whipping-top) there - & there came another little girl, who wanted it to play with me, - but it repeated always the same movements, the same string of melody, nothing new - so I noticed - in this warehous of my stuffed memories, there won't happen anything new forever & forever, no change & no different kind of doing the same thing, nothing new forever & I think hope has something to do with a new fortune, a new dream, - not repeating the same ever past thing over & over again .. - I remember also that within this dream there was short interruption - I was as ghost again upper earth & in the past & at the parents house of this strange dog master - it was a shop & looked like a bakery - I thought, as ghost I have the right to enter there - the parents who made something with wood, tried to teach their son, 'the former dog master' , - he was just a little boy then, & they trimmed him very strictly how he had to act with customers & how he has to talk with them - & I remembered in this second, that I heard one of these early learnded phrases, very much later, when I heard him talkin to people - -& so had ever stayed a Zombie of his strict parents rules,

using all these learnde wooden phrases to survive - which functions a lot of time, still wood meets fire.. - such people never get conscious about themselves, acting figures of destiny, extinguishend any longing for a owns life goal since youth -

good but back to my underworld scheme, where I lived now in those narrow gangways of lost or last memories - I heard noices coming up from below & saw a long line of uniformed - police-like or nazi-like strict women with truncheons on their side, marching up from the fiery center of the lower regions to control (or clean up?) the wrinkled gangways & hideaways of the upper regions - most of them came on the mainstream gangways, so where easy to escape, - I went to the very behind lying ways in my rembembrance-stocking-warehouse - but on the very innerest & away from the mainstream routes, there came one of these female destiny guardians & crossed my way - hoommh! - Phoo! - What do do? - Ok she was single - no-one of her fellow guardians was close & hmm - she seemed really sexy - so I did like I was enjoyed of meeting her here & she was somehow flattered - I noticed, that she had on her trousers between her legs an easy removeable strip, which elegantly I removed & some of her delicious parts revealed - I thought it a good idea now, for not to be taken by her away as a prisoner, to dive there under and lick her sweetly, give here delight with my knowing tongue - & she liked it - I must confess, that I liked it too - oops too much - while just in the moment I had in my dream real sexual fun, claiming for climax - I awakened! - Quite wide awake! - But remembering this dream for a while over and over - I was quite glad having escaped this hellis down-way by awaking - hmm & this was one of the strangest dreams I have ever had..

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