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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-05-30 - 2:17 a.m.

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Showdown of my tv - an maniacs lament!

today they're killing my tv - they're just switching it off!

I don't have cable - I don't have SAT bowl on my roof, just a simple small room aerial for receiving my only 7 senders - that was for long years enough for me - some news, some reports, some films - too much tv is dangerious to your soul & stupefies your senses - paralyzes your vivid life & makes dull anyway.

As a child my parents didn't had tv till I was youth - I was born 1953 & only few people here around had tv then. Later on, when I was in the twenties, living together with people, I didn't like tv too much - a long time without we didn't had a tv in our comunity - I thought it would be better to talk & to read, than getting dullified by stupid tv slime oozing out of your tv-set (see Frank Zappa's: "I am the slime").

but getting older you change opinions, getting lazier in pure opinion of truthes. you grow bad habits & won't get rid of them anymore & then comes the day, when you even start to watch tv..

all kind of multi media have surrounded us - I'm an internet junky & waste too much time getting over-spammed with information & entertainment & all that junk

but tonight, midnight - we know it since 2 months, all senders I still get with my aerial are getting closed down - they don't send anymore - now it's one and 1/2 hour past midnight & already 4 of these seven senders don't work anymore - they send as long, as a film is running & then grey noise..

now they switched off the first channel too, 2 senders still reachable, a boring political discussion & a bavarian music in the other, where they play with tuba & stuff - aah they'r playing 'New York, New York' - bavarian style

the countdown runs - which programm will be the last to be in the aether -

all the time switching - I see the first sender has come back & send the news - the last ones probably?

Ok there is a box you can buy - to make these senders available again & much more than 7, actually 20 senders you can have then with the new digitalized system. This box costs about 70 Euro till 400 Euro & there has a big run in the shops for these receiver boxes. - I couldn't decide which kind of receiver I should take - the cheaper ones can only receive one prog at a time - the twin receivers allow you to record film to video, while you watch another - others have 80 GB harddiscs involved for recording - but the combinations of both are very expensive (about 400 Euro) & that definetely is too much.

I think they over-prize now, because all people need these gadgets now, so decided to wait for a while. In a month they cost half the prize.
& a tv-less time is maybe very sound to my soul & creativity. But now I have to watch all night long, till the last sender turns off - just to have something in stock for the tv-free time. - I have a lot of still unread or half-read books. Next few days may be a 'cold turkey' time, as any addict knows. But after that, I' may change to a convinced tv-opponent.

So while the Bavarians still playing brass-band music & the first ones started playing very old films of the 40ies (black&white) & the 50ies I assume..

But excuse me please - I have to watch my dying tv today until the very last bitter moment - sigh!

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