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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-11-08 - 4:02 a.m.

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burning drinks & joining a worldwide hotel line

these days I was in the Hotel of my friend Ghasem. There is a small bar in there & I was sitting on one of the view tables talking to a young vietnamese guy who was telling me about his plans about founding a chain of coffees, restaurants & hotels in future. He has already a name & a logo for it, I'm not allowed to tell the name openly - he asked me whether I knew, how to protect this name by copyright or trademark & I told him that it's hard to find a new short name for a company that doesn't exist already & told him I would google the name (later I found out, that of course this name was already used by an asian big company) - well this young fellow with big plans of becoming the magnate of a big hotel line was just 15 years old & his father has a small asia food snack bar close to a big supermarket, & he doesn't have a penny to start his hotel line.

But at least he has already a name for the project - the rest should be easy!

While listening to Hue's (that was the boy's name) fortunate dreams, I saw Ghasem behind the bar winking to me - he offered me a little brown drink in a small liquor glass - I thought: "Why not?" - Usually I don't drink high percent alcohol, but a single one between couldn't hurt.

So while I went to the bar to take that drink, he 'enflambed' it - it was really burning & of course I don't drink something that burns.

He told me that this drink should be drank while burning & his friend Ali, who was sitting at the bar approved. - What a conspiracy!

Still doubting I took the burning drink to my place beneath Hue, but then decided against drinking it while burning - I just blew the fire out.

I saw Ghasem frowning somehow. What kind of high-procentual alcohol was that? Probably at least about 80%. Did he intent to kill me with that stuff?

Carefully I smelled on it - yes high percentical - I took one very tiny little sip - it was the pure essence of alcohol. I mean a cognac or whiskey would have been alright but nothing that tastes like pure Rum (Strohrum), Acid or Strychnin comes down my throat.

Hue & me were talking about the reason of enflame this drink. We came to the conclusion, that the burning lowers the percents of alcohol. The longer the alcohol burns, the lower the procents get. Ain't that logical?

So I had the idea to burn it again & enflamed it again with my pocket lighter just to see what happens if I would let it burn for a while. - Would it be drinkable after some time? - Would the blueish flame extinguish if the percentage gets lower? - That's one of the real important things you want to find out in life.

It burned & burned like a little candle on our table, while I was drinking my beer & making conversation with Hue.

But after about 5 minutes I heard a cracking sound, the glass has halfly bursted, at least it had become some cracks in it & the flames were all around the liquor glass - With a slight tendence to panic I blew it out, because I didn't wanted the hotel to burn down.

The glass was untouchable hot for a while - I saw another blaming look from Ghasem - he should have told me how long you let the flame on that drink. Anyway I avoid & boycot any of these stupid (male) drinking rituals. I decide myself, what & when & how & what amount I drink.

At least when the cracked glass had become somehow colder I offered it to Ali, who gulped it down in one.

Ghasem frowned again, because I had refused the drink he had given me. - I told him furiously. "Do you wanna poison me? - I never drink such high percentual alcohol stuff!", but Ali was quite content after he'd gulped it & somehow enflamed from the inside afterwards - but I had watched him taking one or two of this hot stuff before.

If I would have drank that drink I would probably have needed about an hour or two.. . but I know you can easily drink such stuff if you mix it with about a half liter of water, which of course you can't do in a bar.

Anyway: I hope Hue will one day in the future get his hotel line, which he plans to start in Vietnam - I'll stay in good conditions with him & if I'm 84 I will have free lodging in all of his hotels all over the world..

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