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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-21 - 1:49 a.m.

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I was such a dork today!

I've been visiting my fine dark brown friend C. this afternoon - she's from Brazil - we had some talking partly about Brazilian cooking receipts, we shared a half chicken with something like tabasco sauce, which gave us sticky fingers for a while - later on I gave her a long massage (yes I'm one of the best masseurs - some women told me - you could ever get) - which ended some time later to some sweet erotic - 'brown sugar - how sweet it tastes' - I won't give details - but later on I felt a bit exhausted more mentally than physicly-

while in the evening I went home - she promised me to cook next time a Brazilian speciality (women always like to cook for me - do I look that starved? -

Later on I stood waiting for my tram to get me home at a crossroads of tram - the number 6 (my tram) was turning to left - number 4 was getting straight on - maybe I was still in mind with C. - I entered the next arriving tram & oops it was wrong one - I noticed it, while the tram crossed the crossroads in the wrong direction -

of course I left at the next station & waited for next returning tram - because it was Sunday - the trams only cycle every 20 minutes - so I had to wait about 15 minutes till I got back to that crossroads - where I had again to wait for my tram to come - 5 minutes later she arrived (trams are female in Germany) - Relieved I entered & to my bad surprise a half minute later on I realized, that it was again the wrong line (No. 4) - I was such a absent minded dork - that I even had to laugh about me - how could I have been so stupid, doing the same mistake again.

Of course I was also angry at myself, because there were other friends I wanted to meet in the early evening - this time I didn't wait for the returning tram, but walked back the distance of one station which took me about 5 or 10 minutes - this time I would take care to really watch the number of the tram - which is written in big letters in front & the sides of each tram. -

While waiting my thoughts again began wandering around - my mind is always busy & seldom my thoughts are fixed to the reality around me in situations of waiting -

So the next tram came - I entered it - wanted to take seat - but then I shockingly realized, that again I hadn't looked at the tram's number - but it wasn't too late - there was still time to quickly leave the tram - but with a quick glance to those plates in the tram, which show you the stations, I got aware that this time I had entered the right tram - just by chance!!!

I must really had been out of my mind this afternoon -

but I told here above that I was somehow exhausted by the erotic before - like I had it the day before - Well I'm not that young anymore & I feel that if I have more than 1 orgasm within 2 days - my mental energy for spiritual things & awareness & also luck diminuishes - it's like I empty a pool that is also needed for other actions & energy you need in daily life like creativeness, mental strenght & luck. - so if I got too much orgasms within a short time I'm useless for a lot actions - I make a lot of mistakes - shitty things happen to me all the time - like this extremely bad luck with getting my right tram. -

Well maybe it's a thing of the right balance - only 2 orgasms per week - keep my balance allright - but more is just too much - it lowers my superior feeling against daily life somehow - hmm - but sometimes you just can't resist.

I remember a scene - long time ago, when I played cards with some friends - I won the most games - I was the lucky one gambler who almost always got the best card sets - later on my full bowl of energy got somehow emptied by some sex-fulfillment - as nice as it was - later in the evening - when again I played cards with my friends I about always lost - I felt like a small amount of energy had left me through my abdomen, just that amount I would have needed to win those games - so I consider sexuality like a akku system - you have to keep it in the right balance of loading & unloading - never unload it to win power also won't function - if energy is to the top - it won't soar anymore - long unused akkus even fatigue & retire if you don't use them for a long time - so well it's just a question of balance..

"Brown sugar - how comes you taste so good" - well I would prefer to miss even 7 trams for that sweet smell & taste.

Apropos trams - I just heard a report that they'r starting to use trams even in Paris. - Trams seemed a long time to be outfashioned in relation to the underground - But they can transport much more people than busses & are now used in Paris to connect the suburb regions in a wide circle around Paris - All subways in Paris come from the suburbs directly to the center (like the beams of a star) but don't connect the neighbouring suburbs with each other - that means that to reach the next close by suburb you have to drive to center & can only there enter the next subway for that suburbia.

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