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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-09-21 - 4:37 a.m.

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Welcome Invaders & Conquerors of my modest home!

As to my war against mice or rats (or whatever they are) who eat holes through my daily bread - I must correct part of my observations I told in one of my last entries - I told you, that they didn't enter my well prepared traps & now not even eat the poisoned corn (f = forte - means ultra strong for mice & rats) I've laid out for them -

Yesterday by chance & while removing furniture in the kitchen to find the hole of desaster, which spits them all out into my chambers of privacy - of course I couldn't find that hole - I removed one of the mouse traps to another place & later on just left it there - I had before put a heap of mouse poison on the left & right corners of my refridgerator & then also put a mouse trap close by each of those heaps.

but wow! - next day, when I came in the kitchen - I watched that one of the poisoned corn heaps was totally gone - just that poison corn, from where I had removed one of the traps the evening before

You see the point? - They don't recognize the corn as dangerious, they just know already that mouse traps are dangerious & don't even come close to that area -

so all I have to do is to buy a million of mouse traps & put them everywhere in my flat, close to food, close to clothes, close to my computers, my stereo, my bed, my cables lying around, my books, my CD's, my ... -

hmm no - seems to get somehow expensive to me - I better just use poison - because as much as I resume - still now they think poison is only poisonious if there are traps around - so of course I'll remove all traps as a sign of peace to show you dear rats & mice that I'm a peaceful nation, whose only goal it was to got intruded & taken over by your reckless emperious goals -

Please take as guest gift some sweet corn I laid out for you (you know I spared no expenses) - welcome to Moscow - here's the key of town!

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