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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-07-14 - 3:05 a.m.

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A glass of whiskey & some terrorist Geishas

Sometimes – if ever I can remember – I like to reflect dreams I had in the night in the moment I wake up – well even if you remember them while you wake up you will probably forget them if you don't repeat them in their mind to make them more definite to my memory.

Sometimes dreams stay on the same theme all the story long, while otherwise they change from scene to another with not even a storyline or red thread to stay perceptable to my conscious day-mind in my memory.

Well this dream had a red line indeed & the theme was alcohol – at least for a while

I forgot the start – it started somehow before, but the first part still remembered was, that I came in a room with sofa's, easy chairs etc. somehow a party going on – with a hand full of people standing & sitting around there, some chatting, some listening & watching others – I mingled with them & got aware, that they must all have had some drinks before, some had even half empty whine glasses in their hands, but there was no source of alcohol to be found – I felt in the mood just to get convenient & on the same level with them – to also have a drink or two –

but probably the party was half over – or? - later on I detected that someone had put some whiskey glasses, filled with about an inch high of whiskey, on a shelf on the the side of that room – not enough for all the people around – was it also an offer for me? – I went to that shelf & tried hesitatingly to take one of the glasses – no-one cared – so these few glasses where for those who took them first -

while I sipped on that drink – I went on – out of that room to a much bigger room or hall , which was in fact on the outside, with a long bar on the side with bar stools along, while a path behind these stools leading to some place far outwards. -

I sat on one of those bar stools & noticed that by these few sips from my whiskey I got quite dizzy & wasn't able to communicate with the bartenders anymore – so I went on that path leading to the outside – & I really stumbled – I wondered, why these little glass of whiskey had made me so drunk that I had difficulties to not tumble & fall from the path, which meanwhile raised to higher ground, while to the left & right there where small abysses, where I could see small & big pigs inside some enclosures – I didn't want to fall down to their dirty muck grounds – the dizzy feeling to falling down was so strong, that I had to sit down on that path to not fall & somehow crouched on along that path to a plateau above -

While on the plateau I didn't feel drunk or dizzy anymore – I looked back & watched that on the path leading to the bar valley below there were meanwhile about 6 to 9 erected silver chrome shining tubes about a meter high standing there down that path with some meters distance from each other.

I knew, that these were bombs which would explode in short time – I watched people around me shouting at each other & then trying to find shelter from the a-feared explosions to come – but I was so fascinated to watch what would happen there & see how they'd explode & also trustful, that they wouldn't hurt me – so I watched the first one exploding – shooting deadly metal splinters all around, some even close besides me -

the first one, was the closest one to me – so I thought: “..if I survived the first one I will survive the next ones much easier, the farer they exploded from me..” - & I saw them exploding on & on & could see those sharp splinters coming from far away – so had enough time to evade them -

while these terror attack firework was over I watched life moving from behind the place where they had exploded – it were some Japanese Geisha looking young women dressed in old fashioned Japanese women dress. - they were those behind that terror-bomb-attack & they didn't like, that I had survived & not even fled like all the other people around me – (in fact these bombs hadn't hurt anyone) – so one them hurled something like a mix of spear & ninja weapon at me, which I could escape by jumping aside – the next one of them hurled a similar weapon at me, but this time I didn't jump away, but watched something on the ground besides me like a shield which I took to protect myself – the deadly ninja weapon got stopped by that shield, but to my surprise also flew back to sender – just like a boomerang -

wow – that even surprized those Japanese terrorist ninjia Geisha sister down there & they immediately stopped attacking me – I had apparently won their esteem – they came over to me – at least one of them talked with me in somehow friendly terms -

hm – this was the time when I awoke & I found this dream so interesting that I didn't wanted to forget & now write it down.


while today in real life I went to my friend Larine, she offered me some champagne & after I had only drank half of the glass I got so dizzy, like I had already drank a lot, which quite remembered me to that glass of whiskey in my dream..

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