from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2004-10-23 - 2:40 a.m.

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multimedia interfering into our dreams?

I had a strange dream tonight - I was together with another person apparently in a former transition of myself with another youth - strolling around in a public park, throwing snowballs - just for fun at each other -
After some time it became a bit tedious & quickly I cut a big tree down, to build a barrier between me and that guy throwing snowballs at me - when I looked at the stem of that tree lying on the ground I watched a thin groove in the rectangular size of a big door on the bark & knew it was the hidden door to an mysterious chamber inside - but while I went closer to open it, there was a reporter or paparazi around, who had watched me finding this door, who ran quickly from the other side to that tree & reached it before me - just by chance he had a chainsaw with him & cut a hole in tree to enter that chamber- but bad chance for him - he failed to find the right place for his artificial entrance & I had time to open the real door.

It revealed a small tidy furnished room - an there was a green-skinned Hulk-like alien person in the corner of the room.

The moment I came in I also noticed that there where herds of reporters, scientists etc. around, who had rumours of this alien landing on earth, ready to catch him, study him, publish him, exhibit him, maybe vivisect him etc. -

But I had other plans - so a blonde woman who worked for me, came in and said a magic spell to the greenish alien, which turned him for for a while to a small stone figure, which I quickly put in my diplomatic suitcase & we left the room to swiftly leave the park & get rid of the following reporters crowd - On the flight I knew this was probably a film I was in & I was one of the actors - I had the idea to act in the beginning of the film somehow stubborn & ignorant & become later in this film experienced & maybe wise - so while running with my staff & Steven spielberg who accidently joined us to our car outside this park - I waved the suitcase foolishly around instead of hiden it secretely - soon we reached our car & drove quickly off, - I opened the suitcase & the enchanted stone figure changed back to the green alien man he was before - on our flight I was thinking about to make this into a good film & was arguing with Spielberg about it - we knew that this situation - just finding an alien in an tree didn't have a real storyline - I had the idea, that we could make it a mixture of this flight from curious reporter followers & a love story, - this green ancient & me should fall in love with the same person - our blonde assistent.

By this love & rivalry we both would gain experience -
- this green hulk person, changing from a primitive beastlike person (like Frankensteins MOnster) to an conscient, and sensitive peron -
- me, that somehow clumsy fellow as I acted in the beginning of this film (my dream) would become elegant & elaborant, so somehow from infantile to adult thinking & behaviour in the end

- while making this suggestions to S. Spielberg I hoped, he'd appreciate my ideas & also hoped in the background of my mind, that it wouldn't insult him, that the ideas for the film were not like usually his ideas, but mine..

rrring - my telefone rang - I woke up - & so will never know how this film - I mean my dream ended..

I thought it funny & interesting to dream inside a dream to consider it as a planned film.

Multimedia overwhelmes - the media once were books, newspapers etc. (the written word) - film & tv (the moving pictures) - fotos (not moving pictures) - & music/sound (songs, sounds, backgroundmusic etc)

multimedia mixed them all, but no-one did warn us, that multimedia would enter our dreams!

Anyway who has the right for dreams - maybe they're already sold out by Warner Brothers, Microsoft etc. - they just bought the rights for dreams multimedia on patents office.

I can prove it:

Recently I also had a dream, where I was sliding through a fantastic valley with high mountain ridges - dark woods & fantastic, pitoresque, ancient castles on the slopes, - the light was perfect - a big eagle was flying above that valley - & in my dream, while gliding slowly through that valley I thought, "where is my camera - I want to make shots of this fantastic landscape" - but couldn't find my camera

in the time, when I played a lot of adventures on the PC, I really dreamt, that I had an restore Button in my dream - so when the dream got to a bad direction or lead to a bad ending - I pressed "restore" in my dream - so could make it - maybe better - again -

the danger of this "restore" or "repeat"-"button" in a dream is, that if you use it in a very happy act, climax of your senses, that you use the repeat-button all over again & again, to never wake up out of this state of happiness -

maybe that's the reason for all those people lying in coma for long long years - they have detected the button of restoring the same scene again & again - & so leave our real world to their private Nirvana

& it's all the fault of multimedia - we should accuse microsoft & companies for infiltrating our dreams..

it even doesn't stop from entering our dreams

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