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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2004-12-30 - 3:40 a.m.

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just washed away like some tiny ants

exactly on the december the 26th, the second day of christmas - this earthquake under sea rising these deadly flood waves struck - in the year before on dec. the 26th it was Bam in Iran, where by an earthquake about 30.000 people died - we forget so quick, if it's not our people who die..
the numbers of deads rise and rise - I think it's about 100.000 now & rises & rises -
& I wonder what happens next year the 2nd Christmas day - maybe we should abandon 2nd Christmas day or don't let have the december a 26 date, just let the 25th be followes by the 27th..

menkind is so helpless to handle catastrophes that are anyhow bigger than an car accident or a burning building, - see bush fires in Australia, California where they fight for months to extinguish them - remember Pompei, all the Hurricanes, Tornados etc. - like living on a huge monster asleep, who with a casually slight motion in sleep could kill millions of us strange human insect, clinging to it -
the whole mankind could be easily extinguished by by a short eruptive shake of the giant we live on - so let's be gentle & friendly to the giant..

Bin Laden was in all his fanatic labour & wide spread terror network not in the least as effective as this one Tsunami - but the 5000 killed in the twin towers shocked us more, than these 100.000 victims now. - You see it, if you recognize the effect the 11th September had afterwards & still in politics, our western conscience etc. - catastrophes done by earth itself are never remembered that long - it's just fate & fateful we bow our heads, maybe try to help, but if no one died, who is dear to us, we soon will forget it

when once I lived on the country & we had a garden, we had to water them permanently in the summer - & sometimes, if you aimed the beam of the water hose to the vegetable, there where ant states between them, fully functioning states with queen, laborers, eggs layed out carefully to the sun, keepers of the breed, workers for food etc.
but if the water beam hit such a nest (between our food) - the whole state within seconds exploded in big drowning destroying flood waves, tearing down all the houses, flats & hotels of the ants, washed immediatly 100rds of them in the big stream, the high tide of the water hose tsunami -

maybe sometimes we human race get washed away, wiped out, because someone bigger than us wants to water his vegetables - (not that we are not intelligent & talented enough to extinguish us by ourselves - see all our wars & genocides in history)

but seriously folks, everybody who is not poor, should donate some bucks or Euros to help the victims of the big flood - even millions of small amounts make a big amount -

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