from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-07-26 - 9:27 p.m.

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Official Declaration by the Lord of the Realm

My private diary is an open place - my open guestbook is a private place.

If I invite guests to my flat, I expect them to be nice, polite & to behave themselves - otherwise I just throw them out. - Get off of my cloud! - The same rules in my guestbook. Since last Sunday I had only nice & sympathetic visitors, whose entries made me happy. But now a rude, ignorant visitor has left a mocking nasty entry - This guy (German) mocked about my 'bad' english & thought it 'embarassing' (peinlich) for him to read it. - Of course my english isn't that perfect & I don't care, but it weren't neither English nor Americans who mocked, just another German, but a very unpolite one.

& as I am the Lord of my diary realm - & with glee I just wiped him out of my guestbook. Insulting dorks aren't welcome here! I think I'll have to control my guestbook more often.

Anyway I don't even try to improve my english, but just by chance, when finding a new, still unknown word in one of the english books I read.

I'm more concentrated in improving my french or spanish. I think it's much better to know more languages just as well, that you halfways are able to read books & magazines & are able to have conversation in that language, than be perfect only in one foreign language.

There would be only 3 reasons that would make me try to get really perfect in that language:

a) if I would live in a country where that language is spoken
b) if I had a profession, where english is essential necessary
c) if I had to write professional articles or stories in that language (anyway I would write stories in German & let them get translated by professional translators)
d) if I would find a 4th reason...

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