from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-09-10 - 4:00 a.m.

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Not dancing with Mr. D.

(some fragments of my thoughts about the New Orleans situation I wrote in my yesterdays entry - so you should preferably read that, than this one)

Please don't read the following lines, but I swear I really had that dream:

Last night I had a bad awesome dark dream - you could call it a nightmere - but I always master those dreams - there are people who totally panic & wake up crying or screaming after a bad nightmare -
some people have never nightmares, some people often - I know children have much more often nightmares than adults - maybe our conscience of reality slowly flows over into our dreams & our unconscience of dreams gets aware of the stigmata of danger that we have learnt in reality to handle

- but in children's life dreams, tales & reality are often joined & mingled without distinction - where does this one start? - where does that one end?

But I'm not talking about child dreams now - in this dream tonight I had come from one scene to another - of the scenes before I can't quite remember
anyway who is the regisseur behind all this confusing dream stuff? - Making one dream film for any dreamer in the whole wide world every night - think about all the scripts, wings, sceneries, actors etc. this regisseur has to write & coordinate for one plot & think about the costs. - A whole scenery for only one person - (hmm - but maybe they use the same dream sequences over & over again for a lot of different persons, who are not too close aqquainted, to exchange their dreams & reveal the hoax..) -
so in this dream I came into a big room & a strange dark impressive, evil silhouette, but in a bad way good looking guy, was standing or floating there - I looked at his face & with a shock of recognition, disgust, awe & fear I noticed him to be Mr. Devil, the incarnation of evil - & while I realized that, I thought: " So finally I have come down to this final point - this had to be happening if it comes down to the deepest" - something like that.

And this Mr Devil, evil, awesome, but charming with an expression in his face like: "Do what I want or .."

But he didn't threaten or attack me - it was like he was offering me something like eternal good life going on & on, 3 or 4 half naked sexy & very attractive women where standing like dancers besides him, which he offered me to have. -

But he wanted me to coincide with him - (just like in Faust) means let my will of decision overtaken by him -

I should say "yes" & I would gain what he offered -

even in my dream I am very conscient about threats & fakers & deals with fakers, knowing this would be a bad bargain (we all know about the Faust-scheme) - I came closer to him & said " You already know my answer" - thinking by then - that he actually knew that I refused his offer. -

He went some steps back, but grinning at me gleefully - like I had agreed with him - but I hadn't!

All his appearance was like a dark evil oozing cloud, deeply threatening me.

So I was in the corner - but my instinct in dreams is since long years, if I get attacked by something very evil - I attack, centering quickly with all my mind, like I could fly directly into the center of evil & so I did in this dream - I rushed directly at Mr. Devil who stood with his back to a window to kick him out of the window & succeeded. I saw him fall very deep down there. I knew he would not perish there, so would stay a danger further on - but at least I had mastered the situation not givin' in - reluctantly I woke up then - but if you wake up after such a dream you feel like you have been touched by a bad wing & you just want to get rid of that feeling..

Seldomly, but from times to times I dream of bad beings attacking me - be it wild animals like animals like tigers etc., human assassins etc. - but sometimes also demon-like dark sinister figures.

But I seldom or never get really nightmare, because if the really bad spirited attackers come on me in my dreams - I usually straightly go for the throat of my evil attackers, sometimes flying directly into them & by then they usually vanish, dissolve - hey that's the receipt for bad dreams: Attack your attackers - they'l vanish like vapor!

Hmm - I hope I never lose my bravery in dreams - but I think the dream's schemes are a lot connected how you master real life

..I remember one dream I had about a half year ago - it had involved the deepest sexual instinct - (can I write this in internet - hmm I don't care) but also came down to a demonical sphere - well I can tell it in short word:

I dreamt, I was lying in my bed naked flat down on my belly - & there was something floating in my body just entering me between my legs giving me sweet feelings - you know it entered just where the genitals are situated - this intruding 'thing' was in this dream like an female sucubus leading me to a state close to orgasm - my body began to fly, rise up in the air, just letting all instincts of control going to that aroused, incubed, excited genital body, like this would steer my body - I became a little bit afraid of the the height I was levered & floating & noticed that this flying got out of control - like attracted by a magnetic pole my body began to fly down to a deep open space below where a sinister atmosphere like dead, tombstones & graveyard awaited me & I felt a deep fear of cold death - I totally shocked woke up, but I had the feeling, that I was very close to death inside that dream - like never in my life before

Dear people - I told you not to read the following lines, but you did! - That's like writing a sign "Fresh paint" - Everybody touches it, just to find out whether it's real fresh. - Well this one was all rotten already, but still sticky somehow - so better wash your finger tips...

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