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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-18 - 4:13 a.m.

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Nurenberg Zoo - part one

Nurenberg has one of the biggest Zoo's (Tiergarten) in Germany - it's situated at the edge of Nurenberg in the woods there, with a lot of sandrock formations, that build for a lot of these enclosures natural walls - it's really a huge areal, a mixture between wood & park & you need at least 4 or 5 hours to have been at all enclosures & cages, but of course you never see all animals that dwell there. The 'Nürnberg Tiergarten's' (Zoo of Nurenberg's) speciality are these large enclosures in the open. Some of these are so large, that there are parts in it, that can't be seen by the visitors, so shy animals can also hide & have some rest from the public.

I haven't been in this Zoo for years - but since I read some weeks ago in Charis diary about visiting a Zoo, I had the intention to visit our Zoo too, & make a foto safari there.

But of course the weather in this late falls, when it gets chilly in the evening & most days are cloudy, should also be nice. So yesterday, Sunday, was the ideal weather, clear blue sky with moderate temperature , so I decided in the middle of the afternoon for a quick tour there. - I called my Iranian friend Ghasem whether he'd like to accompany me, & well short before 4 o'clock p.m. we arrived there for a really quick tour, because the zoo already closes at 6 p.m.

& of course we hadn't been everywhere & some of the inside-houses were alread closed, e.g. the "Tropenhaus" (tropical house) & after these 2 hours I was deadly tired of walking, a very bad sign of my physical state - I'm not used in walking anymore - there were times, when even a daytrip wouldn't have made legs so tired.

I had in my digicam a chip for 100 pictures & exactly when we left the zoo, the 100 were full.

Later when loading them to my PC & watching them, I noticed that about 30 % were so bad or unsharp, that they were for waste.

But to continue my report here some pictures - at least one or two for today - I was just sitting about 3 hours about choosing the best of these pictures, cutting etc. & now loading them up to flickr & for today will post only one ore 2 pictures (to be continued) -

hmm - so how about the flamingos?

You see that the red ones stay on the left - of course flamingos are very political

or in the next foto a wonderful atmosphere & composition of light, water & plants presenting a duck who acts as model in this scene..

& last but not least my friend Ghasem, whow accomponied me on my zoo visit:

Yes - I have more than 100 pictures - so more pictures will follow within the next few days..

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