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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-20 - 4:48 a.m.

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Tiergarten Nurenberg - part 2

I detected flickr some weeks ago in Alison's blog - I saw, she had fotos in flickr & sometimes looked through them - by chance I saw, that you could post comments to the foto's there & why not - I like to comment if I'me in the mood for it & the theme interests me - but couldn't comment there because I didn't had yet an account for flickr - so why not get an account - it seemed to cost nothing - & it was just by then that I detected - that you could put lot's of fotos in a comfortable way to flickr for free - & you can relate to these fotos also by the foto-URLs in you blog - well I'm in diaryland with 'gold membership' that means some webspace for fotos, but not really much - so I started to put fotos on my site "", at my friend's Sandra's site (I'm the webmaster there) & now flickr gives me allotofmore space - I hope I remember where I put all of my foto's if one day these free spaces ever close..

I was partly dissapointed by the quality of my Zoo fotos (see last entry) - I had to throw away about 30 % of them, but in the rest there are some view real highlights, mainly because I cut out only the best part of these high resolutions pics - of an aquarium foto that looked like nothing I could make 3 good detail fotos - well most of them are average - anyway I loaded all of the rest up to flickr - you can see it down in the end of this entry..

but wait - I want to find out how I can get the URL of a flickr foto, to insert some of the best here (whithout any webspace costs)

In this picture of the icebears I liked the light & shadow atmosphere & the thick glass (to prevent suiciders to jump in there) through that I made that shot reflected also partly the trees behind me - but you can hardly detect, what's from the front & what's from the behind

Here I like the greenish hazy atmosphere - of course you can't see the animal inside - he's somewhere under water & was only seen sometimes for seconds breathing air & then again diving for a long time & you could only see by the upcoming bubbles, where he was about.

this is a mini-version of the "Adler" the first train in Germany that connected Nurenberg to Fuerth with a speed of about 14 km per hour - this little train in the zoo is mainly visited by children & their accompanies & drives through a small part of the zoo.

this little Basilisk was hard to recover between all the green

- looks like alway smiling - but he's just eating hay (maybe it tickles)

Doesn't this fish look like a mirror - the reflection of the background in the glass is only on the doctor fish's belly - or is he coloured this way?

What's up there?

Who mirrors whom - my pretty flamingo?

all in a row for mama who catches the peanuts

fat, slick & sleepy

& last but also least: black water - here the hide the Monster of Loch Ness, till the researches in Loch Ness are over..
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