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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-04-30 - 12:24 a.m.

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Don't give 'em a chance!

I saw a report yesterday about wildlife in Africa & rich hunters (mainly from USA) paying about 70.000 $ for the licence to kill an elephant - Wow - what a kick to shoot an elephant dead for such a price, how eager to kill must they be! - They pay high prices to hunt down lepards with a pack of dogs. - The lepard has no chance & no-one knows how much of them are still alive, still exist - This happens in Kenya. The government needs the money.

I really really wonder, how many people would come if there'd be a place in the world, where - without fear of criminal prosecution & without danger to their own lifes - they could kill some person or torture someone or rape or abuse a child - Being aware of the misery & poverty in a lot of our planet's countries, such a kick would be probably much cheaper than the price for shooting an elephant.

It's not the Germans, it's not the Serbs, it's a certain kind of people in any country, in any nation, who are apt & ready to do it, if they got their chance - that means wherever you live - they live around us (& maybe you're one of them) - all those people eager to kill, eager to misuse, eager to hurt someone - just for the kick, just for letting loose their hidden aggression potential - & of course theiy feign - but if ever they get the chance to let it loose without the fear of prosecution - nice world wars are a good opportunity - be damn sure - they'll do it!

How often did you meet a killer, a raper, an abuser today on the street, in the subway, on that elevator? - He gently greets you if you meet him & you smile at him.

If I would be a mix of Superman & God I would divide people who have respect of life, of dignity of man - from those who disrepect, misuse & abuse other beings - this second class of people should live on another planet, punished to live with people like themselves on & on.

In other words: I wouldn't pay more than 35.000 $ to kill an elephant. 70.000 $ is much too expensive!

PS: & look at all that shooter gamer's generation - they take that substitute, coz they really deeply miss the real war, where you can show that you're really a man by destroying all your enemies & if real enemies don't exist - invent them like President Bush Jr. did!

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