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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-09 - 4:55 a.m.

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the new rule

Tomorrow the Word Soccer (Sucker) Cup is about to begin here in Germany. One of the 8 towns where they have these Games is also Nueremberg. - The town is preparing since a half year to act as host for the masses of football fans coming like hordes of locust - In the first 2 weeks of the contest there are 5 games here in Nuremberg, the first one Iran against Mexico to start on Sunday.

The news told there there 'd be also anti-Iranian demonstrations by Exile Iranians who had fled the political & sanctuarian prosecution in Iran, but also maybe a demonstration by Nazis in sympathy for Ahmadinejad & of course demontrators of the left against a demonstration of Nazis. - & of course also a demonstration of presence by the police to avoid violent acts & accidents between these contrary groups. -
Later on there will be also games in Nuremberg with England, Trinidad, Japan, Kroatia, USA & Ghana. - When the Britains play there will be also British Bobbys here as counteract against British hooligans to support our police here.

I'll avoid to come between the frontlines of one of these groups & hope it'll be still possible to move through town in these overcrowded times. - I heard hotels doubled their room prices & they're selling a lot of merchandize stuff for soccer & lot of businessmen expect golden times for these 2 weeks.

Yes & I live near the stadion - so better not leave the house on these days.

Today I noticed some children playing soccer in the backyard, while I sat in the office torturing my PC. - After a while of endless goalhunting (they had only one goal) - the oldest of them, a girl, apparently the leader of the pack, shouted: "From now on each one allowed to shoot only one goal!" -

Yeah - I should inform the FIFA - wouldn't it be nice if the world soccer cup would be played by this rule. - Each player one goal - how just to all & satisfying for each single player. - Everybody makes his goal & then we all can go home. - You wouldn't even need judges for that.

Not that I'm interested in soccer..

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