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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-09 - 4:48 a.m.

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Ghana superior

Dear audience, please forgive me, that I still write about the world cup while it still lasts - in normal life I'm not in the least interested in any kinds of sports & within some days I will return to normality including deep disgust & utmost mocking of all sportife activity..

So against my Portuguesian friend's Marie best wishes - Germany today won 3:1 against Portugal - (they were playing for 3rd place (bronce)) - poor Marie Antoinette - she didn't even call me after the game & in the moment I don't dare to call her - but she had told me before that she just didn't care anymore after they were kicked out by France. -

I'm figuring that if Germany won 3:1 against Portugal, while France had only won by a penalty shot 1:0 against Portugal, Germany was probably better than France. - On the other hand: as Germany got kicked out by the Italians & in one of the first games USA had drawn equal with Italy with a 1:1 - that means that USA was better against Italy than Germany - on the other hand - USA being equal to Italy had lost against Ghana - It's logical - ain't it?
Does that mean Ghana should be the real World Cup winner?

I hope tomorrow France wins against Italy with the best wishes of Germany, Portugal, Ghana & USA & for Zidane's sake. - Being German myself I'm glad that Germany didn't make it to first place, because of all this recent flag waving & new patriotism - I fear they'd get 'größenwahnsinnig' (megalomaniac) & I don't like to live in a ostentatious & over-patriotic state. - & as polite hosts let someone else win the first place. - But of course it should have been Ghana!

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