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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-08 - 4:35 a.m.

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Bleach the Sun & tan the Moon! - Stars don't care..

Recently I got just by chance in conversation with a woman in a small café - She was a sweet sun tanned looking woman with long black hair - later in our conversation I found out she was not sun tanned when I gave her a compliment about her nice brown skin colour - she told me that she didn't like to be that dark skinned, while having just the colour all the very white northern girls try to get in those perverted sun studios. - She was Turkyan & infected by same sick beauty fashion in a contraversial kind like a lot of our northern blondes who burn their flesh like roast & destroy their skin, just like Thai- , African-Women try to get lighter coloured skin even with strange bleaching methods. - A friend of my Thai friend Peo (living also here in Germany) totally avoids the sun, because she wants to be so white - when they've been in holidays in Italy - she refused to go to the beach & even when they were out for a walk, she walked even backwards to not let the sunbeams touching her face & such mar her.

Why don't go those white girls who prefer to be brown in countries where white is the admired colour & brown girls who prefer to be white in countries, where dark skin is admired. - (If they would come in my land they both would be welcome - Marsanians with green skin too)

This Turkish woman apparently hadn't got aware, that the beauty concept of Germans is dark, sun tanned skin - but maybe she's still too dependent of public Turkish skin colour opinion..

All these hordes of Northeners invade in their holidays the Southern beaches to tan themselves for hours & hours, preparing their skin to skin cancer - a lot of black women try to bleach their skin with obscure skin damaging potions. - They all believe that paradize is on the other side - don't they see, that it's only a round bowl & there is no real other side?

When some years ago my good friend from Cameroun was about to go to to holidays in the South to one of these Spanish Isles - I asked her, whether she would also lie on the beach there & she looked at me, like I had asked something totally loony & answered: "Why?!" - Hmm - that made me aware how stupid my question was.

But Arabella Kiesbauer, a German TV-talk-show moderater with black skin, (her father was a black G.I. - she was raised by her Bavarian Grandma) once told that when she was kid, living in a surrounding where about everybody around her was white, that her only problem was, that she was not perfectly black - so on the beach she outstretched her white palms & soles of her feet to the sun, that they might get equal colour to the rest of her body..

In the moment I'm working together with the director of the moon on a concept to build moon benches, with bundled mystical moon beams power to whiten your skin - that would be the adequate answer to all our northern sun tan studios & I would make the business of my life..

I like totally alabaster white skin & I like totally ebony black skin - & I like all the colours between & there's no war between the tanners & the bleachers, as only a war against a mirror..

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