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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-19 - 6:28 a.m.

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well this is the minor theme of the day but today I heared about this new tsunami in Indonesia - they don't know yet how much have died - 300 at least -

well in these times of wars & catastrophes the world public hardly notices it anymore, just like they don't care too much about this new Israel-Lebanon (Hezbollah) conflict or the endles raging blodshed in Iraq -

& anyway this tsunami wasn't that specular than that last big tsunami that killed about 500.000 - people want real big desasters to happen to get interested, shocked & entertained..

In the news they also told that since the last big tsunami they had been installing warning systems against tsunamis also in Indonesia.

& don't think these warning systems didn't function. - They did! - so why didn't these people got evacuated in due time? - Where they so stubborn & careless to not taking these warnings seriously?

No - in fact the protective Indonesian government had got the information about the tsunami threat, but showed responsibility & didn't give it out to the people, because people shouldn't get disquieted & perturbed by the alarm. (Didn't the Thailand government did the same at the last tsunami?) -

I hope the government of my country isn't that gentle like the Indonesian government - please dear government - wake me without fear to harass me, if the flood comes, if the meteorites enter the stratosphere, if the bombs start to fall, if the town is burning down or the zombies coming out their graves to get me (or a single attacking moscito in sight) - I prefer to get informed of any threat, even if it slightly disquiets me..

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